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April 07, 2014

New England Telehealth Consortium Gets Serious About Initiatives

If there's one thing that rural healthcare providers struggle with on a daily basis, it's providing patient care at a level comparable to that of high-tech, inner-city super-hospitals. The New England Telehealth Consortium (NETC) seeks to correct this problem by making sure that these small clinics are equipped with the proper gear to advance their ability to treat and consult patients.

As part of its plan, NETC has chosen FiberLight to provide the data center services it needs to create a network that will bind rural healthcare services to its urban counterparts. This way, an open line of communication remains between the two and patients in areas where quality healthcare is difficult to attain can find what they need at a much faster pace.

Brian Thibeau, president of NETC, said, “Healthcare facilities in our consortium depend on a robust communications infrastructure to securely transport mission-critical information, such as electronic medical records and digital images, as well as other data that directly affects patients. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that we select high quality networks, facilities, and providers to entrust with our mission-critical operations. FirstLight's state-of-the-art network and data center facilities, as well as its regional expertise, provide us with reliable and secure services that we know our healthcare providers can depend on.”

Doctors around the country are slowly adapting to the technologies at their disposal as far as regulations can allow. An increased adoption rate of data-sharing and telecommunications technologies such as VoIP and video conferencing would go a long way in making sure that patients get accurate diagnoses and treatments for whatever ills they may suffer from. It’s about time that healthcare, rather than becoming more monolithic, moves in the same direction as the rest of the world, getting smaller and smarter with each day that passes.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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