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April 04, 2014

Wheelings & Dealings: GE Healthcare Acquires CHCA Computer Systems to Gain Access to Its Opera Software

GE Healthcare has announced that it will acquire CHCA Computer Systems Inc. to take advantage of CHCA’s Opera software application, which has helped to increase productivity, customer retention, and satisfaction.

CHCA was created for the sole purpose of developing and implementing innovative computerized solutions for healthcare management. The company, which has been around since 1992, worked on numerous technology platforms that have evolved to meet the demands of an ever changing healthcare industry.

On the company’s website, it announced that it would be taken over by General Electric Corporation (GE) to become one of the world’s leaders in healthcare. “We have successfully partnered with GE Healthcare since 2003 to distribute the Opera solution to many countries in Europe…this acquisition will help to accelerate the Opera solution’s development and growth in Quebec and broaden GE’s Healthcare’s product portfolio to enable the delivery of this operating room management solution,” said CHCA. “We anticipate the deal to be final in the next two weeks, and will provide you with formal notification when finalized.”

Opera includes features for OR planning and scheduling, material management, material requirement planning, pre-admission consultations, documentation of operating times, clinical notes for procedures, sterilization management, and transcriptions all in one product, at a low cost.

Additionally, the product improves personnel availability, increases patient safety, provides detailed costing for each procedure, helps with waiting list management, and cases that come in, in real time. The surgeons are even able to see real time management of their surgical procedures, patient recovery notes and follow ups, operating room schedules, and more. It handles all changes in real time and gets updated to everyone who is on its network.

By joining with GE, its technology will become available to hundreds of thousands of more people, while GE will be able to add more to its ever growing list of programs and software.

“More than ever, hospitals need systems that drive enterprise-wide efficiencies, reduce unnecessary costs and enable improved patient care,” said Jan De Witte, president and CEO of GE Healthcare IT. “With this acquisition, we will now be able to offer more of our customers end-to-end workflow and decision support software solutions in high acuity care, an area in which hardware, software and consulting solutions that drive outcomes represent a tremendous opportunity for GE Healthcare.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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