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March 05, 2014

BFLD Seeks to Improve the Doctor's Office Experience

The very nature of the doctor's office makes most people uncomfortable while they're there. But doctors and healthcare organizations have been trying to make the reception area a more inviting environment for many years, and it is fair to say pediatrician offices have the highest success rates because kids are so much easier to please, leaving everyone else to find alternative solutions.

Broadcast Live Digital Corp. (BFLD), a digital out of home network manager that provides complete deployment, content creation and remote management, has activated and deployed 25 locations in the Canadian health sector to deliver reception room contents geared for primary care physician offices.

Along with its wholly-owned subsidiary TECH9 Inc., BFLD provides solutions in all areas of digital media with content creation, national installation services, and managed network services as well as commercial grade hardware location-based solutions for healthcare and retail organizations.

According to the CEO of the company, Robert J. Oswald, there are studies to support the advertising potential and revenue generation of this platform. This includes demographics that can be targeted and an average wait time of 43 minutes for each patient. With a captive audience like that, it will be possible to address the needs of many different advertisers with relative success.

"The waiting rooms of North America's healthcare facilities are the most desirable for the delivery of location or community specific advertising from major pharmaceutical or complimentary service providers. Distraction within a clinic environment is minimal and our approach to healthcare is friendly and informative," said Oswald.

This type of content delivery is part of the growth in advertising and retail industry, which is moving to location-based service. By using mobile devices, Wi-Fi networks, social media and other applications, it is now possible to deliver personalized advertising content to consumers depending on their location. The approach BFLD is taking is somewhat similar to that by delivering patient friendly contextually relevant content that integrates entertainment and medical data while they are at their doctor's office.

The company provides an end-to-end service to the offices by broadcasting the content with a delivery model that seamlessly integrates with the environment it is placed in. "From the media player to the monitor, BFLD does it all on behalf of the clinic. Our robust back end and 24/7 support make for a superior delivery model with no responsibility left to the clinic to concern themselves with," added Matthew J. O'Brien, CTO.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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