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February 26, 2014

AMCE Health Showcases 3 New Telehealth Solutions at 2014 HIMSS Conference

At the 2014 HIMSS Conference and Exhibition, AMCE Health has introduced three new telehealth solutions to improve patient engagement and experience, and help health providers achieve better outcomes for their patients in remote care settings.

The first innovation incorporates the company's interaction telehealth solution with a mobile platform, so patients can have multiple options for interacting with their caretakers. This solution is especially useful for patients who are not bound to a single location. In the past patients were bound to one location because the technology used a modem to transmit information via a cellular provider network. The mobile platform delivers the data over an Android smartphone using standard wireless carrier networks so patients can go on with their lives knowing they will always be connected to their healthcare professional.

In the beginning, the smartphones will be furnished by providers, but the company is going to introduce options which will allow patients to use their own device with other platforms including Apple iOS and Windows OS.

"Our new mobile platform is a tremendous step forward for patients, especially those leading more active lives. There is no interruption in the care they're receiving because it can now follow them as they change locations. We chose to build our platform on the Android OS because its openness and flexibility allows us to start bringing the benefits of a fully mobile care system to patients more quickly," said Lloyd Mangnall, CHCIO, the newly installed CIO at AMC Health.

The second innovation uses video and voice conferencing to initiate interventions. This will allow caretakers to see and speak live with patients when the monitoring systems trigger an alert. By examining the patients with video and audio they will be able to make a thorough assessment of their condition and determine what action should be taken.

The third innovation is to use cloud technology to change outcomes with a platform designed to work with any device in the market today as well as future technologies that are being developed.

"By virtue of having served more than 60,000 patients in the last decade, we can surmise that we already have the largest store of in-home patient data in the country. Using the mobile platform to continue collecting data even when patients are away from home will not only help us serve their immediate needs better; it will give us a broader base to draw from in order to create better patient outcomes," said  Kevin Fickenscher, M.D., CPE, FACPE, FAAFP, a new chief medical officer at AMC Health.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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