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February 25, 2014

Telemedicine Increasing Comfort and Reducing Cost of Medical Treatment

One way to reduce inflated medical costs is to make it easier for patients to stay at their local hospitals and clinics, which can then retain all associated patient revenue.  As in other aspects of today’s world, technology is making this possible. One such piece of technology, the GlobalMed i8500 Mobile Telemedicine Station, is being currently being displayed at HIMSS.

The uses for the i8500 are seemingly limitless. Patients in rural areas that would not normally have access to certain specialists now can consult with them in the comfort of their local hospital or clinic using its video conferencing features. Moreover, the system can now perform audiology testing using four industry standard testing devices and has the ability to tune hearing aids. 

Telemedicine can also be used in the treatment of bedridden patients or those in remote ICUs .  Previously, these patients would not have been able to consult with certain Doctors without extensive travel expenses.  With telemedicine technology, a Doctor can meet a patient anywhere, decreasing overall medical costs for both patient and provider. 

The mission of GlobalMed is “to transform healthcare globally by developing and integrating secure and efficient health delivery systems that improve access and quality of care, while eliminating unnecessary costs.” The i8500 is a perfect manifestation of that mission. 

With advances in technology, medical care is becoming more accessible to more patients, ultimately reducing medical costs.  GlobalMed is working to push the envelope in the field of telemedicine and aims to create more options for patients.  The more options patients are offered, the better treatment ultimately is.  The potential of what can be achieved is limitless, and continued technological advances are sure to help to reduce medical costs even further.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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