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February 06, 2014

ADP AdvancedMD Provides Cloud Technology to Rural Medical Practice

The broadband initiatives implemented by the government to establish the infrastructure to start providing fast Internet speeds in rural communities is paying dividends. Schools, libraries, first responders and other organizations are using this technology to serve their community with more efficiency; this includes private entities in many different industries including healthcare. Having broadband technology gives healthcare providers access to the latest applications, services and collaborative platforms to access experts in faraway places. Pain Care Center, a busy one-physician practice in Rock Springs, Wyoming, has taken advantage of this technology by implementing ADP AdvancedMD Integrated EHR and PM Software cloud services to improve the overall operations of the practice.

By using this solution, Dr. Jed Shay is able to deliver integrated pain care services to the community. The ADP AdvancedMD integrated EHR and PM platforms provide solutions to run his practice with more efficiency than ever before, as well as use the tools to track patients receiving many different types of treatments. With the cloud electronic health record (EHR) software, the data the doctor needs can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This has boosted the efficiency of Dr. Shay's practice by 90 percent.

"It behooves every physician to use technology to better their practice for the sake of patient care. Using the latest pain management devices, telepsychiatry, and a strong EHR and PM, we are able to treat our hard-working population who would otherwise need to drive an additional three hours to Salt Lake City to get these same state-of-the-art services," said Dr. Shay, The Pain Care Center.

The AdvancedMD cloud practice management software provides updates to the medical codes and rules that are essential for effective coding and billing, including ICD 10 and ANSI 5010 without additional upgrades or extra fees.

Some of the key benefits of AdvancedMD include:

  • Online medical scheduling that is intuitive and integrates a powerful and seamless end-to-end appointment workflow
  • Medical billing software that improves and automates many of the revenue capture tasks
  • The update of medical coding including, CPT, ICD & HCPCS code sets, auto-updated, at no extra charge
  • Pay rules maintenance that helps know the facts, the timing, and the impact on your practice
  • Remain compliant with worry-free, automatic Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) electronic billing standards

The platform also eliminates the need to use paper in the office workflow, thereby improving industry best practices management with powerful, easy-to-use reporting.

"Physicians like Dr. Shay demonstrate the potential of practices that harness technology to serve the underserved and stay independent. Our cloud services allow physicians in more remote locations to access the best technology available via the internet from wherever they need to work," said Raul Villar, president, ADP AdvancedMD. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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