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February 05, 2014

Wolters Kluwer Health Introduces New Features to Lippincott Advisor

To say the healthcare industry produces a large amount of data is a gross understatement. According to the 2013 Institute for Health Technology Transformation (IHT2) Big Data Research Report, US healthcare organizations had generated 150 exabytes by 2011. To put the number in context, 5 exabytes of data is the same as all the words ever spoken by human beings on earth. The report goes on to say US healthcare will be amassing zettabyte scale of data followed by yottabytes not long after.

As a globally recognized provider of information and point-to-point care solutions for the healthcare industry, Wolters Kluwer Health uses information and technology to improve overall operations for healthcare organizations. The company announced it is improving the usability features of Lippincott Nursing Advisor, a provider of trusted content and professional solutions for practicing nurses, as well as shortening the name to Lippincott Advisor.

The upgrades are designed to give other healthcare practitioners besides nurses the same benefits the platform provides with a clean new touchscreen interface, improved navigation and search with an enhanced user workflow.

The company wants to make it clear the proven and trusted content of Lippincott will not be touched. By implementing touch friendly flatscreen technology, clinicians will be able to access the information they need with the same convenience as using their smartphones. The interface has been organized with vivid color icons to simplify the navigation of the content. Users will be able to access information they need faster than ever before by searching with individual topics or all of the contents from any screen to find answers to their query.

By changing the name to Lippincott Advisor, it allows the company to address other clinical disciplines. As a knowledge resource for clinical educators, technicians, therapists, assistants and practitioners, the information can be used across the entire healthcare industry.

Lippincott Advisor provides answers to care-related question anywhere and anytime with a collection of 3,000 evidence-based entries covering:

  • Diseases, signs, symptoms and treatments
  • Diagnostic tests and images
  • Drug information
  • Hospital-acquired conditions
  • Patient teaching handouts  and nursing care plans
  • Guidelines, references and core measures

With so much information available on the Internet it is essential for healthcare practitioners to find a proven and reliable source for the data they need in order to take care of their patients. The Lippincott solution provides content that is continually updated with the most current evidence and practice standards.

"Lippincott Advisor is now even more user friendly and easier to navigate. We are already seeing other clinicians and non-clinical departments within hospitals use the product, including diagnostics labs, health information management departments, transcriptionists and billing centers," said Judith McCann, MSN, RN, Chief Nurse, Professional & Education, Wolters Kluwer Health.  

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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