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February 03, 2014

Kainos Integrates HP IDOL into its Evolve EMR Platform

The healthcare industry produces a massive amount of data, and each organization is trying to find a solution that will help in analyzing this information and provide solutions that improve patient care and overall operations. Whether it is plain text or diagnostic images, processing the information in a digestible format can go a long way in improving the bloated health care system around the world. Kainos, a provider of digital services in the healthcare industry, is integrating the HP IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) 10.5 into its flagship electronic medical records platform (EMR), Evolve to make sense of all the data.

IDOL is HP's latest version of its autonomous flagship information analytics engine. The integration of IDOL and Evolve gives healthcare providers a platform that is capable of accessing patient records using their mobile devices. This platform is able to sift through large volumes of data and find relevant information even if a particular document is using different terms or keywords for conveying the same concept.

By uniquely recognizing concepts, patterns and ideas of the unstructured data, it is able to automatically segment the information to the concepts that is part of the medical record. This allows caretakers to find the information they need when it is needed anytime and anywhere, a process that stole valuable time in the past.

"The ability to segment and analyse medical data according to the concepts it contains has huge implications for the healthcare sectorThis is the start of an exciting journey which promises to shake up the way the industry thinks about healthcare analytics," said Nigel Hutchinson, head of Evolve, Kainos.

HP Autonomy processes and structures data gathered from multiple sources including social media, e-mail, video, audio, text and webpages as well as data warehouses and business analytics systems to help organizations gain insights by discovering relationships between key data.

Some of the key features of IDOL include:

  • Understanding data in more than 1,000 file types, including rich media, and connect to over 400 content repositories
  • A language independent pattern matching technology
  • A platform that is compatible with support for all major operating systems
  • Delivery of linear scalability using the platforms advanced distribution model
  • A security model proven empirically to scale in the enterprise

This gives organization a new level of understanding of their structured and unstructured data with analytics that provides real-time solutions by processing information in-memory, in-time and in-place.

"The way Kainos is harnessing HP IDOL in Evolve shows the power of technology which understands concepts, rather than keywords. The key is the ability to spot the ‘unknown unknowns’—patterns that would not become visible through traditional technology systems,” said Alan Stein, vice president, Healthcare Technology, HP Autonomy. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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