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January 29, 2014

New Collaboration to Provide Real-time Data for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

Connected devices are introducing new solutions for industries across many different sectors. The ability to communicate with their product allows businesses to use the data to deliver better products and services to their customers. This real-time or near real-time communications is especially important with perishable products that have to be refrigerated, stored, or transported in a controlled environment. With millions of dollars in losses related to temperature fluctuations, companies have welcomed this technology with open arms.

A new collaboration between KPN, a telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, and Dyzle BV, provider of measuring and analyzing business process data for the cold chain in real-time, is introducing a new platform for real-time monitoring solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Both industries are under strict regulations when it comes to the storage and transportation of their products. Having a platform that is able to provide a comprehensive picture with verifiable proof of product quality for temperature sensitive products will go a long way to make the process more efficient.

The Dyzle platform is a cloud-based solution designed to collect data across many different parameters including temperature, humidity, energy consumption and CO2. Once the data is aggregated it makes it visible on a personal dashboard so decision-makers can take appropriate action. With different dashboards for general management, quality assurance (QA) and logistics management, it can be accessed securely with any device that has Internet capability. This solution allows businesses to address relevant questions such as:

  • What is the status of my shipment?
  • Where is the shipment?
  • Are there any problems or excursions, and where are they in the cold supply chain?

"This integrated platform offers customers a solution to a growing industry trend: that of huge amounts of data being collected, and needing to make sense of that data relevant to the business. That’s where we have considerable experience, where we measure and present data on personal dashboards to provide a snapshot at any time, or to warn of any excursions in real-time. This is essential for our customers to demonstrate proof of product quality and integrity," said Bert Zandhuis, CEO of Dyzle.

With Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cold chain technology solution, Dyzle is able to integrate and use data collected from propriety systems, legacy technologies or any other source. The company's ability to interpret the data gathered across all touch points and provide real-time alerts is a critical component of this platform for providing complete end-to-end visibility.

This allows the food and pharmaceutical industry to implement traceable technology, greatly improving the safety of consumables by the public. Finding data regarding the supply chain of a product if it has been tainted allows authorities to stop the distribution of the product and eliminate any further threat to the public.

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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