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January 08, 2014

Net Medical Xpress Releases HIPAA-compliant WebRTC-enabled Telemedicine Solution

Net Medical Xpress has just announced the release of RTC Conference Switch, a new WebRTC-based video conferencing tool aimed specifically at healthcare practitioners.

RTC (real-time communications) Conference Switch is HIPAA-compliant, which means that medical providers can discuss and transmit patient information without fear of compromising HIPAA and HITECH regulations. "Our RTC Switch, which is RSA asymmetrical, includes precise audit controls, public/private key encryption and Net Medical's Safety Pilot permission software," explained CEO Dick Govatski.

Safety Pilot is a security protocol that routes calls and shared files through a complex route of encryption, authorizations, permissions and auditing. Doctors and patients can communicate via telemedicine without concerns about malware or unauthorized data access.

RTC Conference Switch sets up video conferencing functionality on any medical website. Theoretically, patients or their doctors could click a Web page link, see an availability message for a remote specialist and initiate a free telemedicine conference. Because the tool would use a computer or mobile device's installed camera, patients and hospitals wouldn't have to purchase expensive video conferencing equipment.

Currently, interested healthcare providers can go to the Net Medical Xpress website and click the "Schedule a Conference" link. They can either connect to an available department or schedule an RTC demo at another time. As of now, RTC Conference Switch is supported by both the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

RTC Conference Switch is also available as an iPad app. Organizations can set up users, groups and subgroups within the application. "We call it the electronic version of the house call, which in many ways is better than the original because it is faster, makes better use of the physician’s time and significantly cuts costs," said Govatski.

Providers that want to connect with Net Medical Xpress through the iPad app can email "[email protected]" to arrange a video conferencing demonstration using RTC Conference Switch. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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