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October 29, 2013

Care at Home Deploys AtHoc's Mobile Alert System

AtHoc, Inc., a leader in network-centric interactive alerting communications, has announced that Care at Home Inc. will be integrating its care alerts emergency system. The alerts are designed to assure the safety of both patients and the caregiver.

"We're delighted that Care at Home has entrusted AtHoc with keeping their valued caregivers protected while visiting patients," said Guy Miasnik, CEO of AtHoc. "We look forward to working closely with them in a shared mission of advancing the safety and security of Care at Home's workforce."

That is where alerts come into play. AtHoc’s IWS (Interactive Warning System) is designed to help organizations “communicate, interact, and account for all personnel during critical situations.” IWS Alerts makes up part of AtHoc’s core emergency care alerts system, and now Care at Home will be integrating it throughout its organization.

Care at Home will deploy three interactive personnel security and safety applications from AtHoc (duress alerting, field reporting and personnel geo-tracking). These three applications together will help to not only keep the patient safe, but the caregiver as well.

"Our employees, who care for our clients' health in their homes, are our most valuable assets. Keeping them safe throughout their workday is of utmost importance to our organization," said Jason Grinstead, president of Care at Home.

Now, Care at Home can use the mobile application to keep track of it’s employees, monitor a GPS auditable visit verification to make sure cargeivers are not in danger, populate documentation needed to comply with federal regulations, and even manage schedules by sending text reminders and appointment alerts.

Grinstead said he looks forward to continuing his relationship with AtHoc and using their technology to keep his patients and staff safe.

"We are pleased that AtHoc's decade of experience in safeguarding mobile workforces can be applied to our remote healthcare personnel,” he said. “We are excited to collaborate with AtHoc to further expand home care offerings."

Edited by Blaise McNamee
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