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October 22, 2013

Companion Data Services Uses Atigeo's xPatterns for Big Data

Atigeo, a company known for providing various IT solutions for healthcare, energy and financial industries, has recently announced that Companion Data Services, LLC, a company that offers consulting, development, managed services, and hosting, has entered an agreement in which it will use Atigeo's xPatterns product for its big data analytics.

xPatterns has proven to be a formidable platform for statistical, inductive, and deformation analysis within large blocks of data in the order of petabytes. This helps companies with lots of data to sift through and organize it into clusters that are more understandable, providing transparent analysis that forms relationships and finding patterns that help its users understand the “big picture” behind their big data.

Atigeo's CEO Michael Sandoval said, “We are very pleased to work with the CDS team and marry our cloud-based big data analytics platform with deep healthcare specific experience. By applying xPatterns intelligence across healthcare information, CDS will drive a new era of advanced applications to improve the clinical, financial, and operational performance of their clients.”

The agreement with CDS will allow the company to resell xPatterns as a part of what they're offering to the healthcare industry. With this new powerful tool, xPatterns' users will see relationships between elements within their data that they previously did not notice. Having such knowledge will allow someone to make more informed decisions that will cater better to their own end customers and make them feel looked after.

Lola Jordan, president of CDS, said, “I am pleased to work with Atigeo as I was impressed by the xPatterns demo and functionality. Atigeo's xPatterns solution will offer our customers and prospects the ability to weave many threads of information into data that is new, meaningful, and constructive.”

Aside from a company's internal data, xPatterns' powerful engine will also sift through social network activity, news, and documents from around the web to find relationships even in the internet's vast repositories of information.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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