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September 30, 2013

Hospitals Invest in Life-Saving Video and Data Technology

Hospitals around the world continue to work on integrating next generation technology in their trauma centers. One hospital, Sir Sundar Lal (SSL) Hospital at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), has been testing out video conferencing and plans on using it to confer with experts and other surgeons out of the country on hospital surgeries.

The plan is to use video conferencing as a way to not only bring surgeons inside the modular operation theater during a surgery, but also streamline basic procedures with the use of automated machines.

Additionally, BHU has just completed a new seven-story hostel designed to hold as many as 200 visiting doctors. Just like the modern amenities of a college dorm, the new hostel has everything from a kitchen and common hall to a lecture hall and even an indoor game room. Between the new hostel and video conferencing capabilities, the BHU chancellor hopes to peak doctors’ interest from around the world, while improving communications.

A United States hospital has also been working on using some new technology. The Mount Sinai Medical Center has added a brand new computer, costing around $3 million, which is supposed to help doctors on staff make better predictions about their patients while keeping them safe.

Jeff Hammerbacher came up with the idea and designed the computer to use the same data that analysts use to target online advertisements. “We are going out on a limb – we’re saying this can deliver value to the hospital,” said Hammerbacher.

The new technology will search for connections between hospital infections and the DNA of microbes present in an ICU or even keep real-time data streaming in from mini-machines that doctors can give out to patients to monitor their recovery from home.

The goal is to help keep doctors informed on their patients so they can create new up-to-date predictions on how to treat them without necessarily having to keep them in the hospital.

Doctors and hospitals are anxious to stay updated on the latest in medical technology as a way to keep their staff enticed while providing the best possible medical treatment to patients.

Edited by Blaise McNamee
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