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September 19, 2013

St. Elizabeth's Hospital Makes Move to VoIP

St. Elizabeth Physicians hospital is one of the latest firms to turn to a VoIP based office phone system. VoIP technology has been working overtime during the last few years to turn companies that have been relying on land-based phone systems into those that are working through the cloud. This particular hospital took a rather aggressive six-month schedule in getting their VoIP phone system and getting it up and running with the help of Advanced Technology Consulting.

The Hospital represents more than 77 different SEP locations. Each location was upgraded using a fiber connection that improves the network services immensely. The speed of the facility’s Internet was increased exponentially in order to handle the load of moving to VoIP on such a large scale.

“Through the entire process ATC worked closely with our team to make sure this project was successful,” said Dr. Glenn A. Loomis, SEP CEO in a recent statement about the project. “We relied on ATC to execute this project as quickly as possible and to guide us on features that will help us serve our patients more efficiently.”

The point to the project was basically two fold. The hospital wanted to find a way to offer better access to information for its patients. It also wanted to find a way to save as money as it possibly could. These savings are expected to also be showing up when it comes to patient care in the very near future. West IP was chosen as the actual VoIP provider based on their reputation as a skilled cloud-based hosted communications service provider.

The new system will be saving the hospital money over the long run, but it said that there will be an initial investment of roughly $4 million over the course of the next five years in order to get the VoIP system up and running. Once the system is up and going, there is expected to be a significant cost savings from what was needed as far as maintenance and support of the land based phone system.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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