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September 06, 2013

homecareONLINE Helps Sleep Apnea Patients

Sleep apnea may cause many disruptions in people’s lives, but, at present, there are few viable solutions. Many patients find that the sleep masks they are prescribed are uncomfortable and, more than a few sleep apnea patients give up on using it after finding it tossed on the floor morning after morning. Now, Weinmann, a medical systems solutions company, has announced that they have a solution for those sleep apnea patients who are able to sleep through the night with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device.

According to a recent statement, Weinmann developed this solution, homecareONLINE, in coordination with Orange Business Services. The Weinmann CPAP machines collect data about a sleeper who is using the machine and transfers the data through Orange Business Services’ infrastructure to a “Flexible Computing Sante,” a secure application that charts the information for registered users and their healthcare provider. 

homecareONLINE works with homecare providers to make care better for their patients and improve patient reimbursement. It also helps providers stay in touch with their patients remotely; many government and public health systems require remote monitoring of such therapeutic devices.

Orange Business Services helped Weinmann reach their target date of six months by assisting in the development of homecareONLINE. They created the solution to the question of machine-to-machine communication by integrating a communication module into the CPAP machine.   The module sends information, such as usage and clinical data, to a “cloud” that can be accessed through a web portal by registered patients and providers.

Dr. Karl-Andreas Feldhahn, the CTO of Weinmann, says that they chose Orange Business Services as their partner for a number of reasons. “Orange is the only service provider that could rollout a cloud-based platform that is scalable and flexible. With Orange, we just have one partner for all tasks – SIM connection, application development and integration, hosting services as well as service management – all on a one-stop-shop basis.” He added, “Orange Business Services' global presence and reach enabling uniform e-health services across countries is a critical factor for us, allowing us to make available scalable monitoring services for our medical equipment via a secure, private network to our customers in many countries.”

Sleep apnea can cause daytime sleeping problems that can make driving or working a difficult task, but is also a key factor to heart attacks and strokes, making the development of solutions for patients important.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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