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August 27, 2013

Cornerstone OnDemand Expands Presence in Healthcare

The size of the healthcare industry, because of the many systems and processes it contains, makes it difficult to implement solutions across the board. Finding the right talent is one of the many challenges the industry faces, and Cornerstone OnDemand, a cloud-based talent management software solutions provider, has announced it is expanding its presence in the healthcare industry to help some of the largest health organizations in the country address the challenges they face with their workforce. The company is adding UMass Memorial Health Care to its list of premium healthcare facilities such as Mount Sinai Hospital, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Sanford Health and WellSpan Health.

The talent shortages in nursing and IT along with new government requirements that mandate the competency of these organizations has facilities seeking the services of Cornerstone in order to acquire the right talent to provide a skilled and compliant workforce.

The latest organization to choose cornerstone is UMass Memorial Health Care, which is the largest healthcare system in central and western Massachusetts with a clinical partnership with the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and five hospitals along with community-based physician practices. This large system will be using Cornerstone's Learning Cloud and Performance Cloud in order to improve overall operations by migrating from legacy and out dated systems such as paper-based performance management processes.

"It’s not enough to hire skilled practitioners anymore. Creating an aligned employee experience is key to effectively respond to the rapid shifts in healthcare best practices, compliance and validation standards. The right approach to talent management can help healthcare organizations gain better insight into competency levels across the organization and ensure employees have access to the right training and resources for providing the very best patient care," said Jason Corsello, vice president of corporate strategy and marketing for Cornerstone OnDemand.

With a workforce of 13,500 people, UMass Memorial Health Care will be able to streamline performance and development processes to provide better healthcare for its patients as well as giving the staff the latest available technology to make them more efficient.

The cloud-based talent management suite provides organizations with solutions for recruiting, learning and development, compliance management, performance management, and succession planning. By implementing a platform in which the skills and talents of each staff member can be archived, organizations will be able to track and validate proficiency across many different fields and skill levels.

"Not only are we confident that we have the right technology solution that will allow us to further our organizational goals, we also appreciate how Cornerstone is truly partnering with us to deliver solutions that address changing industry requirements and practitioner needs," said Tod Wiesman, senior director of organizational and people development for UMass Memorial Health Care.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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