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June 24, 2013

Kaon Interactive Will Provide 3D Product Models for JASCO and Tecan

In the past sales reps had to lug the product they were selling to every city and state around the country. If the item was small it was obviously not a big problem, but larger items were a great inconvenience. Technology once again is going to provide a viable solution to this problem. Kaon Interactive is a company that creates interactive 3-D solutions to give marketers and sales teams a tool which allow them to present their product with as much detail as a live presentation. JASCO and Tecan, two companies that produce high-tech medical devices and scientific instruments, announced they will be adopting Kaon's platform.

This dynamic interactive experience engages the customer proactively during the sales presentation. By implementing touchscreen technology with every available feature of the product, Kaon gives the customer detailed information in a format that increases knowledge retention, sales and brand loyalty.

The 3-D platform providing the virtual tour of the product can be accessed with different platforms including laptops, online, mobile and the companies Kaon v-OSK touchscreen solution. It gives the customer the ability to:

·         Personalized the experience based on individual preference

·         Experience the product from every angle by zooming, spinning, measuring and exploring functions

·         Explore options such as opening drawers, retrofit components and add-ons

·         Fully demonstrate the workflow and process

·         Use the advanced content management and animation capability, and the cloud-based content distribution and update architecture

This platform lets the customer view every possible feature on a product that can sometimes elude even the best sales-person out there. They will be able to go over the product as many times as they wish without feeling any apprehension generally associated with dealing with a salesperson. Everyone within an organization will be able to educate themselves about the product and have access to it anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

"Before using Kaon's 3D Product Models there was no way for our sales team to effectively demonstrate or communicate the 100+ unique ways our Cavro® Omni Robot can be configured within a laboratory setting. Kaon's iPad application is the ultimate mobile tool, helping us differentiate our product from the competition, better educate prospects on product features and benefits, shorten the sales cycle and drive revenue for our business," said Claudio Bui, Head of Product Concepts Partnering Business Components at Tecan Systems, Inc.

Whether it is on a tradeshow floor or markets around the world, this technology gives the company the ability to push their products globally. With an estimated global population of almost 5 billion middle class people by 2030, every corner of the world will be a viable market for any product. A fully interactive platform which gives the customer a complete overview of the product as well as its functionality will give organizations a cost-effective solution to introduce their product in any market.

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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