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June 12, 2013

iTriage Turns Mobile Devices into Your Personal Doctor's Office

Two physicians from Colorado have created an app that allows its ‘patients’ to check their medical conditions with their mobile devices, providing users with quick access to answer any health-related questions, check symptoms, research medications and find local doctors.

According to Fox News, the content that the app provides to its users “is written by a team of doctors and health professionals, and the information available on the app has been reviewed by Harvard Medical School.”

The smartphone app has been causing a stir in the healthcare field and helps many foresee where the future of healthcare will be in the next decade. Hospitals such as Parkview Regional Hospital in northern Texas have begun using iTriage to allow patients access to critical medical information and also help them find healthcare providers in their area.

Although the app is game-changing when it comes to the future of the healthcare industry, many believe that it is still not a reliable source of information at this early age. Another similar app to iTriage is uCheck, which allows the user to perform a urinalysis check with a test strip and your iPhone. uCheck came under scrutiny from the FDA for not being a full-fledged medical device, and was told that it could run into problems in the future.

“The idea – for both the FDA and us – is to ensure neither patient safety nor patient’s access to affordable care, is compromised,” Myshkin Ingawale, founder of uCheck, said in a statement on Wired. “I firmly believe if we are to surmount the big problems in healthcare that are coming up for our generation, of which the rising costs are already a symptom, we have to innovate our way out. I do believe there are enough smart, committed people – on both the regulator and the innovator sides – who get that.”

In the end, mobile device apps will become a big part of the healthcare industry in the near future; however, there is still a great deal of time before it can be considered a fully credible source by the U.S. government, let alone its users.

Headquartered in Denver, Colo., iTriage is a global healthcare technology company that offer consumers valuable resources for making better decisions about their health and well-being. Already collecting over eight million downloads, iTriage keeps a steady track record of being in the top five healthcare and fitness apps downloaded by iPhone and Android users.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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