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June 10, 2013

MZI Healthcare Chooses HP Vertica Analytics Platform for Its EZ-ANALYTICS

The healthcare industry generates large amounts of data in research, patient care, billing and different products and services. Managing this data requires a platform that is able to implement analytics effectively and economically. MZI HealthCare, LLC, a recognized leader in providing innovative healthcare solutions, uses the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to provide EZ-ANALYTICS on the Cloud.

EZ-ANALYTICS is a cloud-based analytics and predictive modeling tool from MZI HealthCare that gives users a tool for analyzing Big Data warehouse platforms. It uses Johns Hopkins ACG risk-adjusted model to calculate and predict profits and shared savings with accuracy. The platform lets users track more than 500 quality measures allowing them to manipulate real-time data and integrate disease registries and mechanisms for following 21 of the top chronic diseases.

The analytics tools platform is able to create hundreds of parameters for classifying diagnosis, location and types of treatment delivered. Data can be assessed at the corporate, physician or individual patient level.

As more regulations are mandated across different municipalities, healthcare providers have to implement tools that will allow them to track many of the services they provide to their patients. Not only does EZ-ANALYTICS provide complete patient information, it also gives administrators a full spectrum of data analytics for quality, performance, and cost as well as predictive modeling capabilities.

"As we move into the future of healthcare, physicians and hospitals will be rewarded for bending the cost curve, and performance measures will form the basis of reimbursement. Every member of the healthcare team will be held accountable for achieving a good patient experience, better outcomes, and lower costs. To be successful in these triple aims, EZ-ANALYTICS on the Cloud will equip healthcare organizations with the analytics and predictive capabilities to facilitate the rapid transformation required to meet today’s new clinical, financial, and performance requirements," said Greg Gootee, product manager at MZIHC.

The Vertica Analytics Platform from HP is designed to give organizations a platform for finding valuable information from the aggregated data in their system with speed and scalability. It can process terabytes of data with speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness on a 24 x 7 basis. With pay-as-you-go options, it gives organizations a truly scalable platform without large upfront investments.

The key features on the Vertica Analytics Platform include: real-time query and loading, advance in-database analytics, database designer and administration tools, columnar storage and execution, aggressive data compression, scale-out MPP architecture, automatic high availability, and native BI, ETL and Hadoop/MapReduce integration.

Edited by Ashley Caputo
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