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June 07, 2013

PrescribeWellness Reaches 1 Million Users

There have been a number of significant milestones in healthcare technology this week. First, Caradigm, Microsoft and GE Healthcare’s joint venture, announced that their Identity and Access Management for healthcare solutions had reached one million users. Now, another company is celebrating a one-million-mark milestone: one million patients are now receiving automated messages from their pharmacist through PrescribeWellness. These messages are aimed at helping to improve medication adherence, increase immunizations, and help patients to better manage their chronic diseases.

Al Babbington, the CEO of PrescribeWellness, says that the company is “proud” to be a part of a “transition to a new model” of healthcare. Babbington said, “The pharmacy in America is evolving from a medication dispensary to the center of wellness for the communities they serve.” 

The vice president of behavioral science for the company says that the “listen rates” of messages from local pharmacists exceeded their already high expectations. This, he attributes to understanding the “art” and “science” of influencing positive patient behavior: “Influencing positive patient behavior is both an art and a science, and our system brings the personal touch to the provider-patient relationship.”

Pharmacists have positively embraced the PrescribeWellness solution. One Twin Cities pharmacy owner, Pete Crouch, added that PrescribeWellness “improves the customer experience and patient outcomes.” This, he says, is important, because he sees wellness as the answer to the healthcare crisis that exists in the United States.

While PrescribeWellness alone will not cure the healthcare crisis, its milestone represents a significant trend in the increased adoption of mHealth solutions. Combined with a robust selection of other solutions, health tech has the potential to change the course of our nation’s healthcare fate. This week, alone, two companies have reached one-million-marks for the adoption of healthcare solutions. Both are very different, one on the patient level and one on the hospital level, indicating that solutions are being embraced at all levels.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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