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June 03, 2013

HealthCare Anytime Improves Big-Data Management with DataStax

The amount of data being generated in the healthcare industry is staggering. The numbers for just one organization, HealthCare Anytime, demonstrates how critical it is to have a management system that can handle the ever-increasing volume. In 2011 the amount of data for the organization rose by as much as 50,000 records in one day. In 2012 the number increased to as much as 150,000 per day, and it is expected by the end of 2013 the company could experience volumes of several million new records per day. Experts in the industry believe managing the data and meeting security compliance regulations can save organizations a lot of money, and put a noticeable dent in the $2.8 trillion healthcare industry in the United States.

In order to deal with this volume of data, the company solicited the services of DataStax Enterprise, a big data platform built on Apache Cassandra. It chose a single six-node cluster hosted by DataStax in the cloud to manage real-time, analytic and enterprise search data in the same database cluster.

The combination of Cassandra, the analytical capability of Apache Hadoop, and enterprise search with Apache Solr is able to provide a big data platform that is intelligently integrated without conflict while delivering performance on a single database.

The implementation of this platform by DataStax is going to give HealthCare Anytime the ability to manage the increasing data it is accumulating whether it is being assembled in terabytes, petabytes, or exabytes.

The platform gives HealthCare Anytime lower cost associated with archiving, indexing, storing, technical support, and interpreting the large volumes of data. It is estimated that investment it made will yield a 398 percent ROI within the first five years. The total net benefits over the five years will total $600,000, with positive net benefits being experienced in the first year.

Additional benefits include:

  • Lower expenses on maintenance, support, and in-house administration, including DBA staff to manage the system
  • Lower energy usage and floor space at HealthCare Anytime headquarters
  • Reduces capital expenditures on databases and hardware
  • Provides patients with personal portals that can be accessed globally
  • Analyzes and searches all data in single, integrated database clusters
  • Unlimited scalability that is cost-effective
  • Integrates with many electronic health records and health information systems vendors

This solution has given HealthCare Anytime the right management solution to give healthcare organizations better Self-Pay Collection Suite, Appointment Request, Pre-Registration, Secure Patient Messaging, Prescription Renewal, and Patient Health Record (PHR).

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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