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May 24, 2013

REACH Pairs Up With Rubbermaid to Design Improved Mobile Telemedicine Carts

REACH Health has announced a partnership with Rubbermaid Healthcare to create mobile telemedicine carts for hospitals.

Hospitals often use mobile telemedicine devices to link consulting physicians from other hospitals to the patient's point-of-care. With telemedicine, specialist can conduct remote examinations, verbal consultations and other services for patients without requiring patients to travel for long distances.

REACH Health focuses on telemedicine software. In addition to working with real-time audio/video technology, their solutions transmit patient images, documentation and other information. They also help to streamline telemedicine workflow.

Pairing REACH solutions with Rubbermaid mobile health carts will place REACH software on mobile telemedicine endpoints.

"This partnership will help to accelerate the creation of relevant telemedicine solutions by providing health systems with the highest quality mobile carts that have been seamlessly integrated with the leading software technology," said David Pirkle, who is president of Rubbermaid Healthcare.

Rubbermaid is well known for making all things plastic. Few households lack Rubbermaid food storage containers or Rubbermaid garbage cans. The company has expanded its plastics expertise to create a wide variety of products for its Rubbermaid Healthcare lineup.

These products include mobile nurse stations, computer carts, medication carts, wall workstations and transfer and exchange carts. In addition to delivering carts and workstations, Rubbermaid Healthcare provides service plans and a centralized parts depot for its products.

REACH Health currently has its own carts that it calls REACH Access Points. These carts feature LCD screens, remote access control cameras and interfaces for the input of patient data. REACH Access System allows up to six physicians to teleconference at one time. At the end of each consultation, REACH Access creates an electronic record of the consultation.

The Rubbermaid/REACH partnership will allow REACH to focus on technology while Rubbermaid creates the framework for its mobile workstations.

"We are delighted to partner with Rubbermaid Healthcare and offer their telemedicine endpoints and other capabilities to support health systems and ACOs in improving their clinical, operational and financial performance," said Richard Otto, president and CEO of REACH Health.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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