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May 08, 2013

Polycom RealPresence Solutions Power Collaborative Surgery at Belgian Hospital

Surgeons encounter many situations during surgery that cause them to ask for a second opinion. An unexpected complication may prompt a surgeon to consult a colleague, requiring the surgeon to scrub out of surgery and then back in to complete procedure.

When residents perform surgery, they're supposed to be supervised by surgeons. However, many supervisors check in periodically instead of staying in the room during surgery. If a supervisor has other obligations, then how can the resident get assistance in real-time?

The AZ Sint-Jan Brugge Hospital in Belgium has implemented video collaboration in the operating room to address some of these issues. The hospital is using Polycom RealPresence UC solutions, including the Polycom HDX8000 room video solution, the HDX4500 executive desktop solution and the RealPresence Mobile solution for tablets and smartphones.

Using HD video, surgeons in an operating theater can transmit high-quality surgical images to colleagues without leaving the operation to obtain a consult. Video also provides crisp imaging for training in the operating theater. For surgeons performing endoscopic procedures, the new HD cameras provide sharp, focused images that give the surgeon a better view of the patient's body.

If a supervising surgeon is overseeing multiple residents simultaneously during surgical procedures, the surgeon can check in, answer questions and follow up using the desktop or mobile version of Polycom RealPresence. Video collaboration also allows surgeons to consult with colleagues that work at different hospitals.

So far, AZ Sint-Jan Brugge has equipped five operating rooms for its "digital operating room project." The hospital plans to expand to 18 digital operating theaters within the next few years.

Polycom has also teamed up with Anybots, a robotics company, to create video-enabled "QB" robots. The company has also collaborated with hospitals that want to use the Polycom CloudAXIS Suite to enable video conferencing between specialists, medical professionals and patients.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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