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May 07, 2013

Vidyo Helps Improve Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Telehealth

Vidyo, Inc. has worked with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTCH), adding its communications and collaboration capabilities to the consortium’s statewide telehealth network. With this integration, it will provide healthcare practitioners all across Alaska with the ability to perform video consultations and examinations with patients in hundreds of locations.

The AFHCAN telehealth network currently uses the software-based tConsult. By integrating it with Vidyo’s Application Programming Interfaces, it can provide a flexible software communication and collaboration platform, which can be customized for individual healthcare needs and solutions. The APIs integrate with tConsult easily, creating a cost-effective, high-quality, scalable video through standard IP networks across all devices.

Alaska encompasses 700,000 people over 660,000 square miles, making connectivity and communication difficult. With tConsult, it became easier for doctors to improve primary care workflow, and with Vidyo’s solution, it’s possible for doctors to remotely check up on or examine a patient and provide consultations.

“The implementation of Vidyo has given us the ability to change the way we provide healthcare in rural Alaska,” said Dr. Stewart Ferguson, CIO of ANTHC. “The AFHCAN Telehealth program has more than 1,500 active providers in its network at any one time, with an average of 500 new providers each year. There’s a daily challenge of how best to reach out and connect with more than 200 sites scattered over 37 autonomous organizations at the end of land lines, satellite links, microwave towers, sea cables, you name it. For our complex world, we needed something that just works, period. That’s Vidyo.”

The Vidyo and tConsult integration will be demonstrated at the ATA Conference in Austin, Texas. There, people will be able to see just all the ways it can help doctors provide improved care for their patients and improve workflows and communication. Together with Vidyo, they’re helping people get healthy faster, and stay alive longer.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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