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March 07, 2013

MediSwipe Moves Medicinal Marijuana into the Cloud

As more and more states legalize medicinal marijuana, the movement to maintain patient treatment data and integrate that data across systems has spread to the medicinal marijuana community.

MediSwipe, Inc. has announced the launch of a cloud-based patient and caregiver tracking system designed to help pharmacies, dispensaries and provisional centers with faster registration and care delivery for state medicinal marijuana programs.

Caregivers can access MediSwipe’s SaaS solution via Web portal while remote servers tend to platform and infrastructure management. Patients can record their medical records, payment information and state ID card information on a MediSwipe digital card.

B. Michael Friedman, CEO at MediSwipe, said the medicinal marijuana industry currently has only antiquated methods to identify patients and caregivers and to track patient information.

“As the number of people applying for state ID cards and visiting medical marijuana providers continues to increase, a cloud-based approach offers greater scalability and flexibility so organizations can prepare for a new era of healthcare where exchange is necessary,” Friedman explained.

MediSwipe’s ultimate goal is to cash in on the nation’s growing medical marijuana industry, which may net as much as $2 billion each year. The company has opened two “patient certification centers” in Michigan designed to guide patients as they register for their medical marijuana ID cards.

The company started out as a medical payments processing arm, but has shifted its focus to healthcare in recent months. In July 2012, MediSwipe acquired, a Las Vegas-based telemedicine and online healthcare portal.

“We want to be known as the H&R Block—or the TurboTax service—of the industry,” Friedman told the Detroit Free Press, referring to its growing medical marijuana business focus.

In addition to providing cloud-based records storage, MediSwipe provides patients with ways to search for local medicinal marijuana dispensaries and to make payments for their cannabis treatments.

MediSwipe made about $300,000 in 2012, but it anticipates growth to about $3 million next year.

Edited by Braden Becker
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