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March 05, 2013

TereMedica and FUJIFILM Partner to Create Medical Solutions

Many early computer technologies had the most impact on areas like entertainment, gaming and electronic devices. Today, however, it seems that just about every industry is joining forces and leading a new generation where industries like healthcare and technology can work collectively and efficiently to perform not only basic tasks, but also offer medical solutions that save lives. 

In effort to provide the healthcare industry with the right tools, TereMedica, a provider of vendor neutral architecture, has partnered with FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A. to create an integrated solution that combines its VNA technology with Fujifilm’s medical and imaging information management system.

TeraMedica Evecore technology helps healthcare providers lower their expenses by providing them with software that can connect and manage the digital image infrastructure of a healthcare system from the imaging device or PACS, to the electronic health record (EHR) and clinical desktop.

Fujifilm is also a provider of medical informational solutions that provides diagnostic imaging systems for any sized imaging environment. Its selection of digital x-ray systems, cardiovascular products, and technologically advanced FUJINON brand endoscopes are in high demand on the medical market, which is why its partnership with TeraMedica Evecore is so important.

“We are very excited about working with Fujifilm on this objective. Although they are a global market leader in diagnostic imaging and healthcare informatics, we share a common entrepreneurial and innovation drive,” said Jim Prekop, TeraMedica president and CEO, in a statement. “By leveraging our respective technology platforms and strengths, we have the opportunity to significantly improve both the efficiency and simplicity of patient-centered clinical image workflows across the entire healthcare enterprise.”

With these two medical companies working hand in hand, healthcare providers are much better equipped to deal with multiple situations with a set of different tools that can improve overall workflow in hand.  

Lately, the health industry has witnessed a lot of these types of partnerships be formed and solutions developed to revolutionize the way physician offices and hospitals are managed, just like EHR did only a few short years ago.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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