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February 08, 2013

Medical Lessons Across the Cloud

The cloud and video technology has been of great use in hospitality, as well as in education. So it comes as no surprise that it works equally well for medical training. The traditional method of training can’t reach nearly enough students, but with help from video and the cloud, that’s no longer a problem.

Dr. Brandon Winchester has begun creating on-demand videos designed to help anesthesiologists better observe and learn the proper procedural methods. He set up multiple cameras designed to provide live streaming of his procedures, which he has named “Doc-in-the-Box” (DITB).

This portable system uses the Vaddio HD-PTZ camera, with a pair of customized pole carts, a Windows-based CPU, an ultrasound machine, tow HD displays, and an iPad for controlling the system. It broadcasts them live and produces “studio set” videos, with high enough video quality to show the intricacies and details in clear resolution.

With the DITB, Winchester can now stream and upload videos designed to provide a better learning experience for fellow physicians and nurses in need of training. It can reach more people at once than he ever could on his own, while giving the viewer complete control in what parts to pause, rewind, and review. So far, it’s been a complete success.

"A few months ago I posted a teaching video onto my DOCSTREAM channel,, about a procedure called a TAP block,” Winchester recalls. “Within several weeks, two of the leading experts in the world on TAP blocks had seen my video, one doctor from Ireland and the other doctor from Australia. They both reached out to me, unsolicited, to commend me on the video production quality and to provide their own insights and constructive feedback on the procedure technique itself. I later took a step back to say, 'Wow. I collaborated with two world experts on a subject I'm passionate about,' That's the magic of DOCSTREAM technology: its ability to use the web to bridge people together and improve patient care internationally."

If all goes well, the DITB will catch on among fellow doctors and physicians, helping teach more people around the world the techniques and processes they need to know. The cloud and video streaming have been instrumental in the improvement of education, and this is a great step forward for them both.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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