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February 01, 2013

Dell Eyes Mobility, Cloud and Big Data Healthcare IT Trends

There are many developments happening in the healthcare IT sector and a few in particular that Dell is keeping an eye on this year including mobility, cloud and Big Data.

With tougher HIPAA laws in place, mobile carriers need to focus more on security measures this year as the Office for Civil Rights is stepping up its auditing efforts, according to Connie Bensen, director of Community Strategy and Social Media at Alterian.

Whether providers embrace BYOD or implement an enterprise-based tablet strategy, securing the data at the infrastructure level (not on easily lost endpoint devices) is critical,” Bensen wrote in a recent blog post. “The trick lies in implementing security solutions that work on both a technical and a human level.”

Healthcare staff are increasingly demanding the ability for universal connectivity and seamless usage of smartphones and tablets. Recent legislation has made the consequences of breaches of this data severe.

Globally, cloud computing is quickly becoming recognized as the ideal platform to manage applications and enable collaboration, while also serving as a secure location to store data. This trend is seeing greater movement in the healthcare industry as well.

“Providers see the advantages of moving to the cloud as they work to extend their existing IT capabilities,” Bensen added. “Payers and life sciences companies are seeing the benefits too as they streamline processes to more efficiently manage data and drive innovation. 

While the healthcare industry has been slower than other sectors to develop streamlined databases for clients, there is the challenge for providers to deal with not only the quantity of data but also ensuring real-time access and mobility.

“For visionaries who make the decision to strategically change the way they look at information in 2013, the cost and quality benefits of their data assets will be reaped for years to come,” Bensen commented.

Dell healthcare solutions offer an unparalleled level of security while simultaneously  maintaining accessibility for caregivers.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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