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February 01, 2013

ForeScout's BYOD Security Solutions is the Best Choice for Hospitals

Businesses worldwide are incorporating a recent trend in their daily operations that changes the way employees once functioned in a traditional office space. At a time when almost all the work office employees do can be integrated into a single mobile device – and thanks to the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, outdated systems have been thrown in the dumpsters, and there has never been so much office space, and personal time freed up.

As businesses enjoy the financial perks of operating from cloud-based systems and avoid the costs of purchasing devices for their employees, confidential information is simultaneously being put at risk.

Recognizing this growing threat, ForeScout Technologies, a network security solutions company for Global 100 enterprises and government organizations, will now be helping the Hadassah Medical Center to enable and secure its BYOD implementation. 

Hadassah is one of the largest medical complexes in Israel, holding two university hospitals, with 6,000 employees and about 10,000 network-connected devices.

With so many devices being used throughout a single network, it makes sense that an entity as immense as Hadassah would recognize how important the issue of security is. The IT team chose ForeScout’s Counter ACT and ForeScout Mobile because it allows both 801.2x and agentless device authentication, along with endpoint compliance mechanisms, which is ideal for the medical centers’ broad range of devices.

“Without CounterACT, the only way to deploy and control mobile devices would have been to have the hospital purchase them and limit their functionality," said Barak Shrefler, Hadassah's Chief Information Security Officer. "While limited functionality is fine in the medical center, when the device goes home with its owner we want all the device's features to be fully functional.”

As hospitals begin to start their new hunt for security, ForeScout provides complete security solutions for enterprises that have now begun to use the BYOD method. For more information about this, click here.

Edited by Carlos Olivera
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