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January 16, 2013

FarmaCorp Deploys LogFire's Cloud-Based WMS Solution

Due to expansion and growth, FarmaCorp S.A., has switched from its current traditional warehouse management solution to LogFire’s Cloud-based WMS solution.

The new cloud-based platform will help FarmaCorp manage its entire inventory, integrate operations throughout the company, and have more visibility into its processes.

FarmaCorp is a private pharmaceutical company, founded in 1934, and headquartered in Bolivia. Currently, FarmaCorp is Bolivia’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical retail chain, which can be found at more than 50 locations.

The company realized that as it continues to grow, its current traditional warehouse management solution was not going to be able to grow with it. They hence reviewed hundreds of other options.

“Our overall goal was simple; to gain complete visibility inside our core activities and us the opportunity to reduce inadequacies, by inventory management and overall infrastructure of our existing system,” said Ximena Parada, director of FarmaCorp. “With LogFire, our procedures and business processes have improved immensely, increasing our overall order volume and demand.”

LogFire is an innovative software and supply chain execution company that specializes in providing retailers, wholesalers and consumer goods companies with products and services.

The company offers four solutions, including warehouse management, productivity tracking, supply chain visibility solutions, and numerous hosting options.

Diego Pantoja-Navajas, LogFire founder and CEO, said the implementation and deployment was seamless.

“It took less than three months for LogFire to implement its cloud-based solution into FarmaCorp’s business operation, without causing any interruptions to FarmaCorp’s daily activities. It was a challenge easily achieved since our solution has been designed with configurable flexibility and to seamlessly integrate with a company’s enterprise and other systems,” said Pantoja-Navajas.

“This project further illustrates our abilities and that of the LogFire solution and key differentiators and value that LogFire delivers compared to traditional solutions in today’s marketplace,” Navajas added. “Benefits in decreased start-up costs, seamless integration, continuous system upgrades, are hallmarks of LogFire and clearly evident at FarmaCorp.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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