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November 27, 2012

NextGen Healthcare and Microsoft Partner to Bring Health Management Apps to Windows 8

Thanks to consumer health apps, patient engagement has seen remarkable improvement over the last two years. The number of health-related app downloads in 2012 alone has been estimated at 44 million by the end of the year and this number is expected to jump to 142 million by 2016.

While the iPhone represents about 52 percent of this market share increase, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, in collaboration with Microsoft, has shown its support for the industry by announcing the launch of the NextGen MedicineCabinet app designed for the Windows 8 platform.

The NextGen MedicineCabinet app now brings the ability to create, store, track and share personal medication records to Windows 8 with the goal of driving patient engagement and leveraging the Windows 8 platform, setting the stage for consumer-based mobile healthcare IT solutions on the platform. The collaboration is expected to leverage the recent Microsoft Windows 8 launch and hopefully get more healthcare related apps developed for the platform. The NextGen MedicineCabinet is the first joint consumer-based mobile healthcare IT solution for the Windows 9 platform by Microsoft and a popular healthcare information system and connectivity solutions provider like NextGen.

The NextGen MedicineCabinet will be available for free through the Microsoft app store, enabling patients to update their medication listings together with other ‘personal’ medical records such as schedule information and dosing requirements. These personal records are expected to help physicians and patients avoid inconsistencies across transitions in their medication regimen during admissions, transfers and discharges.

The NextGen MedicineCabinet app will allow providers to identify potential drug-on-drug interactions, improve adherence and proper medication usage, ensure accurate and appropriate medication monitoring, reduce medication and therapy duplications and enhance patients’ understanding of proper medication intake and how to recognize adverse reactions.

Dennis Schmuland, the chief strategy office of U.S. Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft Corporation, said that the NextGen MedicineCabinet is just one of the many new generations of Windows 8 apps aimed at proactively managing health coming soon to the platform.

The NextGen MedicineCabinet is one of the forefront mobile patient engagement tools that leverages the power and flexibility of the Microsoft Windows 8 platform to enhance and change healthcare delivery today.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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