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October 23, 2012

HealthStream's Talent Management Strategy Has Been Advanced through Acquisition of Sy.Med Development

On Monday, a renowned provider of learning, research and talent management solutions for the healthcare industry, HealthStream Inc., announced that its talent management strategy has been advanced with an innovative credentialing application gained through the acquisition of Sy.Med Development, Inc.

Sy.Med serves a broad set of healthcare clients, and being a top developer of credentialing-related software products, it includes over 115 hospitals and integrated delivery networks – its fastest growing market segment.

Sy.Med’s credentialing application, Sy.Med OneApp, centralizes data and automates the paper-intensive, time-consuming credentialing management processes for hospitals, physician practices, clinics and other healthcare organizations.

All credentialing applications and enrollment forms for physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and other professional healthcare providers practicing in the organizations are required to be managed and tracked by hospitals and health systems. To reduce credentialing paperwork and manual processes by up to 70 percent, a powerful credentialing application is provided to hospitals by adding Sy.Med OneApp to HealthStream’s talent management product suite.

“HealthStream’s innovative, fresh approach to talent management is rapidly evolving into the healthcare industry’s premier talent ecosystem, of which I am excited to now be a part,” said Jim Aylward, chief executive officer, Sy.Med.

He added that the credentialing application has saved tremendous resources for the clients and as part of HealthStream; he is pleased that it will reach a wider audience.

As part of HealthStream’s growing customer base, he is sure that while continuing to receive outstanding support and service from the same Sy.Med team, clients will benefit from expanded opportunities.

In healthcare organizations, credentialing is a particularly important component of talent management. HealthStream’s approach to talent management begins with evaluating a healthcare organization’s workforce along five dimensions: qualifications, competency, engagement, performance and development.

Credentialing is a necessary starting point as it is essential that healthcare professionals’ qualifications to deliver patient care are verified.

Edited by Braden Becker

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