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October 16, 2012

Aruba Replaces Cisco WLAN to Address Mobile Device Challenges in Patient Care at Regional Medical Center, Memphis

Regional Medical Center at Memphis (The MED) recently replaced Cisco WLAN with Aruba Networks (NASDAQ:ARUN), a major next-generation network access solution provider for the mobile enterprise.

To broaden coverage across its four clinics and main hospital, and to connect the medical center’s growing number of mobile and wireless medical devices, The MED has deployed Aruba wireless LAN to address mobile device challenges and improve the process of patient care.

In addition, Aruba also declared that The MED is using its ClearPass, an advanced access management system to automate and simplify “secure provisioning of mobile devices on enterprises networks,” delivering efficient wireless guest access to visitors and patients.

Tony Alphier, IT director for The MED, said their philosophy was: the more mobile devices, the better. Increasing staff, physician and nurse mobility results in more efficient and better quality patient care, and increased accountability. He also said that delivering that mobility requires a reliable wireless infrastructure that supports the increase in mobile devices and eliminates dropped connections.

With Aruba, according to Alphier, they have confidence that the infrastructure will support all of their current and future mobility needs.

The MED is a renowned regional healthcare resource with more than 2200 employees, and is one of the largest surgical and medical teaching sites for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. In the year 2010, the organization realized that it should replace its older 802.11b/g network, which was showing up with inconsistent and spotty coverage, making it difficult for the IT team to manage.

MED sought a wireless network overhaul, an upgrade on 802.11n network improving their overall connectivity speed and bandwidth.

They also wanted a network system that can expand and improve coverage across the entire campus, supporting the mobile devices and wireless medical and ensuring secure access ease of use to patients and guests. This would ease the burden of network management for The MED’s IT department.

After comprehensive evaluation of WLAN solutions offered by Aruba Network and Cisco Systems, The MED considered that Aruba can be the best to meet its networking needs.

Alphier noted that with just two employees on its network IT team, anything that helps the firm do its job faster and more efficiently is going to ultimately result in better service for our doctors, nurses and staff and better care for patients.

The MED is leveraging on two Aruba mobility controllers, AirWave network management system, 450 Aruba AP-135 access points, and Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass Guest. 

Gerry Festa, director of industry solutions marketing for Aruba, said the MED is a stellar example of a healthcare organization recognizing the productivity and efficiency benefits mobility can bring to its staff, and therefore the tremendous positive impact it can have on patient care.

Edited by Braden Becker
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