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July 03, 2012

Nurse Alert Gives Seniors Round the Clock Care at Reasonable Prices

Elder care is an issue of increasing gravity and timeliness across the world. As the baby boomers age and face a new set of challenges in their "golden years" companies like Nurse Alert have stepped in to attempt to provide a solution to one major problem: bringing in medical care for seniors when it is most urgently needed with their Nurse Alert System.

The Nurse Alert System offers access to a 24 hour call center staffed by senior medical nurses, part of a larger network of over 30 hospitals and 1,000 physicians. The system in turn connects seniors to the network by way of a two-way voice unit contained inside a water-resistant pendant that can be worn around the neck, or clipped to a pocket. In the event of need, the senior in question can trigger the device and be connected through their own phone line to the Triage Specialist, who asks a series of questions to determine the urgency of the need and the best way to respond, or just provides answers as needed.

The Nurse Alert System also offers a vital yet often overlooked element of elder care in the form of the Nurse Alert Fall Sensor, which offers the same benefits as the Nurse Alert, but also offers a fall detection system that can detect a user's fall and send an alert back to the Triage Specialist, making it essentially a self-activating unit. The user then has the ability to respond to an initial query from the Triage Specialist, but failing to respond to that query will result in an emergency medical response team sent to the user's address for further service.

The growing need for elder care, in both manpower and accompanying tools, has not been lost on many companies, not to mention countries. Recent work on the part of the Danish government has yielded many advancements in the field of elder care, and not just on the part of Danish enterprises, either. Firms like Japan's Panasonic and Cyberdyne have each shown different advancements, and the robotics market is also stepping up in the face of elder care needs. The market is quite clearly there, and for firms pursuing it, dividends are likely in the offing for the successful.

Elder care issues are a growing and permanent part of our lives, and while the solutions may not always be clear or simple, sometimes a major solution can be had just in the form of easier methods of calling for help. Nurse Alert looks to do exactly that, and may well save lives in the process.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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