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July 02, 2012

An Apple a Day Keeps the Patient at Bay

For all of the doctors out there in the world, let me first congratulate you for making it through your countless years of medical school, a graduate medical education and your residency program alive. Now that you can finally be referred to as physicians, things might get a little easier.

Luckily, technology has your back jack and new products and solutions are constantly being introduced to the market to help you serve your patients quicker and with much less intrusion.

Kareo, a healthcare technology company, has just unveiled an iPhone app that will provide medical professionals with a much less complex way of seeing who will be coming to their office for an appointment each and every day. With the ability to provide access to clinic schedules, patient status and visit reasons, who wouldn’t want a nifty application that they can just click on to get a preview of what their day is looking like before it even begins? I know I would and even better this nifty innovation comes complete with Kareo software that powers cloud-based practice management and medical billing tools.

To get your surgical gloves on this app, register with Kareo and then type in your username and password and you instantly gain access to health records, appointment times and a bevy of other useful information that can help you plan your schedule for the next 24 hours.

“We asked our physicians to give us their top priority for a mobile app,” said Dan Rodrigues, CEO and founder of Kareo. “Hands down, their number one request was the ability to see their office’s patient appointment schedule on their iPhone.”

With the goal of assisting doctors to stay on time – because let’s face it, who likes sitting in that waiting room for an extended period of time – this app will also allow healthcare providers to remain continuously updated on any changing information.

Another application currently making waves in the healthcare technology space is MiM Software’s offering which allows physicians to look at MRIs and other medical images via their smartphone of choice.

These types of apps can completely revolutionize the way the healthcare space is looked at, as around half of all cell phone users in the United States have smartphones which can virtually offer them care right in the palms of their hands.

With medical apps growing by 150 percent each year since making their debut in 2010, according to MobiHealthNews, it almost makes me want to sign up for med school…I said almost.

Edited by Braden Becker
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