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June 07, 2012

HealthCheck360 Rebooted for More Sophisticated Wellness Program

BlueBolt Solutions has upgraded HealthCheck360°, which provides a system to promote employee wellness and gives employees online tools to track various daily health factors and physical activities on both an individual and team level.

The goal of HealthCheck360° is to help employers set up and coordinate corporate health and wellness programs. With features added by BlueBolt, users can now personalize individual pages using the MyHealthCheck360° website, uploading photos, posting updates and communicating with other members of their company.

BlueBolt’s online portal is built on the DotNetNuke (DNN)."HealthCheck360° was the perfect client for BlueBolt because of our knowledge of DotNetNuke Web development services,” said Jason Lichon, director of technology at BlueBolt Solutions. “HealthCheck360° came to us needing to leverage DotNetNuke and extend it with unique and complex business rules. This project allowed our staff to shine both in terms of our experience in DotNetNuke and our ability to provide customized solutions."

The upgrade is built to be fun and easy to use. Users are offered challenges determined by the company's coordinator, such as tracking employees’ weight loss, then rewarding the employee who loses the most, or tracking employee pedometer readings and rewarding the employee team with the most logged total steps.

The goal of HealthCheck360° is twofold, according to company officials: to encourage employees to participate in wellness programs, and at the same time help employees develop relationships with one another.

In addition, karma points are now part of HealthCheck360°, rewarding employees for using the website. To earn karma points, participants must read educational articles and log wellness activities. With this upgrade, HealthCheck360° has seen an 83-percent increase in employee engagement with the online tool.

Other companies are also jumping on the bandwagon, though not nearly as creatively as HealthCheck360°. In 2010, GE launched Healthymagination to drive healthcare innovation globally and “reduce costs, improve quality and expand healthcare access for millions of people,” according to a story by Rachel Becker.

HealthAhead, GE’s internal effort to improve the health of GE employees and its families and contain healthcare costs, is part of Healthymagination. Its goal is “to create a healthy and engaged workforce and promote a culture of wellness,” Becker wrote.

At GE, participants get certificates, but the story notes they’re only given after rigorous work.

And it’s not just to promote great health among your employees. According to the Harvard Business Review, with tax incentives and grants available under recent federal healthcare legislation, U.S. companies can “use wellness programs to chip away at their enormous health care costs, which are only rising with an aging workforce.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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