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April 26, 2012

Connecting Call Systems with SIP Wireless Telephony Enhances Mobility for Nurses

Instead of sitting at a nurse station waiting for patients to call, today’s nurses can receive calls on the go thanks to a partnership between Jeron Electronics and Brekeke Software.

The partnership integrates nurse call systems with SIP wireless telephony systems in acute care facilities. In addition to untethering staff from the nurse’s station, the solution allows for nurse call-alerting and communication between mobile caregivers.

“There is a tremendous amount of pressure to maintain and improve the level of patient care,” says Myles Cochran, director of Marketing for Jeron Electronics. “A networked solution for wireless phones increases the efficiency of staff by keeping mobile caregivers in direct communication with their patients.”

With the integration of Jeron’s Provider 790 call system to Brekeke’s SIP systems, nursing teams can ensure that they meet the needs of patients who call them. For example, if a nurse has just answered a patient call and is unavailable to take a second call, the call will automatically route to the next available nurse. Nurses can be free to work on a variety of tasks instead of waiting at the nurse’s station to answer patient calls.

Additionally, the calls route over the facility’s LAN to the assigned caregiver’s wireless SIP phone. As a result, nurses can answer a patient’s call from anywhere within the LAN coverage area. The phone also displays the patient’s room number and bed number if applicable and organizes calls in order of priority for patient-initiated contacts.

After nurses answer the calls and determine patient needs, they can dispatch the appropriate team member to respond to the patient. Multiple paths on the nurse call system and on the SIP trunk connections ensure that nurses won’t have to deal with blocked calls.

The phones will deliver one-touch answering as well as an easy-to-use voice menu that can be retrieved by pressing the “*” button. This ensures that nurses won’t have to remember a series of codes to facilitate the use of their phone.

Altogether, the solution will cut licensing costs for hospitals and will give hospitals the flexibility to choose multiple providers.

“In an environment where patients' lives are at stake, Brekeke SIP Server adds value as a component in Jeron's high-performance Provider 790 nurse call platform,” concludes Shinichi Mitsumata, CTO of Brekeke Software. “Jeron with our SIP server is a perfect solution for acute care facilities who need advanced and reliable technology in a simple package.”

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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