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April 25, 2012

Westbrook's Content Management Platform Implemented by Oncology Convergence

Recently, Westbrook Technologies revealed that its FortisBlue enterprise content management (ECM) software has been adopted by Oncology Convergence. The software has been implemented in order to increase overall efficiency of the billing processes, as well as to ensure that compliance with federal and insurance industry regulations is maintained.

Oncology Convergence, Inc. (OCI) is based out of Arizona, and deals primary with oncology compensation, management, and technology. "Our clients turn to us because we have one of the best teams of resources in the country," said Peder Thygesen, manager, information technology services at OCI. "Every medical coder is cross-trained in all aspects of oncology billing, so that gives us tremendous flexibility."

For OCI, the FortisBlue software will come in handy, as it can digitize documents, automate workflow and deploy online forms. The software can also be used to enter the accurate diagnostic and billing codes electronically after examining doctors' notes and then index them via the OCR template, before finally routing the information into a charge entry work queue.

"This automation lets us use very accurate and detail-oriented people to interpret and enter the information, while automating the process. By using medical coders' input at the front-end of the process, we eliminate the possibility of having someone with less knowledge, not understanding the finer points, sending out a bill in error," Thygesen added.

FortisBlue has been designed to bypass errors and also highlight processes that support compliance with Medicare, HIPAA and insurance industry regulations. The software also helps in cutting costs, maintains overall efficiency, and also meets the needs of OCI's telecommuting workforce. "Our employees love the money they save on gas. They can maintain a better work/life balance because they don't waste time commuting. OCI benefits because we don't need to expand our office space to accommodate staff or storage of paper documents."

"FortisBlue helps healthcare organizations streamline administrative processes that involve patient information securely over the Web," said Einar Haukeland, CEO of Westbrook. "FortisBlue's online forms make it more efficient to capture, share and archive documents and data while complying with industry regulations such as HIPAA. The Web-accessed software also supports the needs of geographically distributed and telecommuting employees.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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