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March 27, 2012

WellTech Rolls Out Two Foundational Wellness and Fitness Startups

WellTech is a new health and wellness-focused incubator based in Gramercy, N.Y. Yesterday, the company is took its first steps with the launch of FITiST and Wizpert.

WellTech promotes better health and living through technology, which is proving to be rather effective in improving the overall health of a lot of people. “The phenomenal success of SpaFinder and GramercyOne showed us that technology holds enormous potential for helping people lead healthier lives,” said Pete Ellis, founder of WellTech.

FITiST is on a mission to reinvent the traditional gym membership through a network of the “best-of-the-best” boutique studios, rather than a single gym. Members are able to create their own fitness and wellness plan as well as seek advice from an experienced group of celebrity trainers like Andrea Orbeck, Ramona Braganza, and Oz Garcia. FITiST provides a centralized, universal fitness calendar to ensure that all members stay on track and see results. They’ve also created a “black book” of the leading personal fitness, wellness and beauty services, allowing members to elect any one of these professionals as their personal trainer.

Wizpert is more of an educational platform. Users connect with (either free or paid) “wizperts” in real-time to discuss a broad range of topics including nutrition, exercise, cooking and even parenting. It sounds similar to services like Yahoo Answers, but geared specifically toward mental and physical health topics. Wizpert will be launching an iOS app sometime in April of 2012.

Both FITiST and Wizpert seem like solid options for those in need of a healthier lifestyle. When combined, they have the potential to effectively change unhealthy habits through first, educating the client on what they might be doing wrong and shed some light on how they could go about fixing it, and second, encourage them to make the effort to get to a gym – a “best-of-the-best” gym at that. 

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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