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February 23, 2012

Clinical Info Solutions Choosing the Cloud to Host its Healthcare Billing Services

Clinical Info Solutions (CIS), a provider of healthcare medical billing for hospitals and physicians, has announced the selection of Online Tech's HIPAA compliant and fully managed cloud to host its proprietary Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) client management system, according to a press release.

CIS was looking for HIPAA-compliant data centers to host Unik Practice, its client management solution. The press release reports that the system was built by Rimage Designs for CIS, and it is a “custom practice management and billing SaaS application that offers a secure web-based provider portal as well as a custom billing workflow for the CIS team.”

Healthcare organizations have been reluctant to use cloud solutions in the past because of fears about data integrity and security. But the study points out that the technology is proven now and that cloud computing allows institutions to cut costs and focus on doing what they do best – providing medical care – since this type of computing lets hospitals outsource IT to firms that specialize in it, and no longer have to worry about it themselves.

“An independently HIPAA audited managed cloud solution was a natural choice to host Unik Practice,” said Malay Shah, Rimage design consultant. “Online Tech's HIPAA-compliant cloud allows CIS the flexibility and scalability to add resources as the company grows.”

Online Tech's managed cloud computing service was audited last year by HIPAA representatives and found to be “100 percent compliant across all 54 HIPAA citations, 136 audited components and 19 HIPAA standards with the controls stipulated in HIPAA version 1.2.1,” according to the press release.

“The security of our data and our clients' data is our top priority,” said Dr. Sunil Nihalani, Clinical Solutions Partner. “By partnering with an independently HIPAA-audited data center like Online Tech, we are confident that our hosting meets all HIPAA requirements and our data is safe and secure.”

HIPAA certification shows that a company has reached the standards of privacy and security demanded by the government in the new health reform act.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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