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June 22, 2011

Wayne Inaugurates Network Operations Center for Global Customers

To accommodate the growing number of customers, the global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, Wayne has inaugurated its new Network Operations Center (NOC) at its world headquarters in Austin, Texas.

The new center is dedicated to monitor connected customer sites around the world and also to provide remote support for Wayne Fusion Forecourt Systems and fuel dispensers with in-dispenser media and payment technologies by company’s technicians. The service also includes system set-up, 24x7 health monitoring and remote repair services and customers are also provided with automatic software updates and patches.

The company has hired English- and Spanish-speaking technicians that complement the company’s existing help desk and support services. Future plans call for monitoring of additional technologies such as automatic tank gauging and point-of-sale systems, expanded language support and the addition of more locations around the world.

Tom Barrett, Wayne vice president of Global Aftermarket Services said that the new Network Operations Center allows them to proactively monitor their connected customers’ sites and uptime in any of the 145 countries they serve.

“When there is a problem with software or a dispenser, we receive an automatic alert and we can fix the issue remotely from the NOC. In fact, we frequently resolve issues before our customers are even aware that they had a problem and, perhaps more importantly to them, without our having to send a technician out to the site,” Barrett added.

The company technicians will also use the encrypted, secure Internet connectivity of the NOC to assign remote diagnostics for troubleshooting and proactive maintenance.

Customers can also get direct customer interaction or an onsite technician visit if required. Wayne can notify customers via phone call, email or text message and Wayne’s suite of support services includes several offerings such as triaged alerts, weekly health status checks, aggregation of forecourt data and configuration back-up routines.

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Edited by Jennifer Russell

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