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May 24, 2011

InnoCentive Announces $10,000 Ideation Challenge

In a recent press release, InnoCentive, Inc. recently announced a $10,000 Ideation Challenge calling for ideas geared toward an interactive, game-based solution to motivate adolescents with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as other chronic illnesses, to participate in managing their own health. Announced on 19th May at Inventing Breakthroughs Day, the Challenge is open to the public and can be found on the InnoCentive website.

A C3N event held at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the challenge is part of an effort to connect Seekers - leading commercial, public sector and non-profit organizations with pressing challenges or problems to solve - with millions of potential Solvers worldwide. C3N is utilizing InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven Innovation methodology, process and technology platform to seek out ideas for a video game that harnesses inherent motivation, enhances personal engagement through information, strengthens the effects of ‘positive peer pressure,’ and uses game dynamics to affect real-life behaviors. The video game will be able to measure one’s success and offer a way to assign ‘scores’ to healthy behaviors which can then lead to team or group competitions. Taking advantage of a community approach will help alleviate the isolation that many of the afflicted youth feel while boosting morale.

“InnoCentive has an impressive track record when it comes to helping companies find solutions to some of the most elusive issues in health and human services, making them a perfect partner for C3N,” said George Dellal, project director, C3N, in a statement. “We’re confident this Challenge will bring out unique and effective ideas and solutions that will transform the way we treat adolescent illness and empower those afflicted to take an active role in their own care.”

 “C3N is a unique network of organizations and individuals coming together to improve the care of chronically ill young people. This type of collaboration is rarely heard of in the healthcare industry where most work is conducted in silos, so C3N should be applauded for its efforts,” said InnoCentive President and CEO Dwayne Spradlin, in a press release. “This approach of looking beyond an individual organization’s walls aligns very closely with our approach to innovation, making this an ideal partnership.”

Rahul Arora is a HealthTechZone contributor. He has worked as an editor and freelance writer for several reputed organizations in India. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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