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March 23, 2011

Healthcare Technology and News: Universal EHR Solutions' Electronic Healthcare Record Software Systems Creating Buzz in HIMSS

There has been a rising interest over electronic healthcare record software systems from Universal EHR Solutions (UniEHR). This was evident at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Orlando, FL, where attendees showed a high amount of interest in the company’s line of EHR solutions, according to Mitchell C. Shapiro, president and chairman of UniEHR.

In a press release Shapiro, said, “We signed up more than 600 people for our social networking sites and talked to several hundred more. My overall impression was that many are dissatisfied with the reputations and performance of other EMR systems. They seem to be viewed as expensive, inflexible, and not user friendly. We have had scores of follow-up calls from industry participants who were surprised at what they saw and want to see and hear more about Physician’s Solution.”

Aaron Wachspress, the company’s founder and chief technology officer, said that UniEHR’s collection of software solutions were specifically Designed FOR Doctors BY Doctors to take care of the problems encountered in expensive systems from other companies.

UniEHR’s Physician’s Solution, Physician’s Portal message and data sharing, Patient Direct, Doctor Direct, and MedRecordsAlert products provide physicians and medical practices with an affordable method to collect, digitize, store and distribute essential medical information. Hospital’s Solution, a three-in-one package, helps to fulfill a hospital’s need to control all components of a complex, multi-layered healthcare enterprise.

Wachspress said, “We offer an intuitive, user friendly, fully customizable, fully certified EHR system with many advanced features at an affordable, all inclusive price that will avoid the highest real cost of implementing an EMR system; the productivity and revenue that doctors lose when deploying many of our competitors’ systems.”

Universal EHR Solutions was recently in news when Shapiro and Wachspress were interviewed on how more can be achieved when cost cutting is on the agenda of every healthcare provider's list.

Sujata Garud is a HealthTechZone freelancer with three years of writing/editing experience and two years of market research experience. As an editor she has covered the IT, electronics, banking, pharma, construction, mining and healthcare industries. To see more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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