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January 09, 2013

Capsule Tech Facilitates EMRs with Medical Device Connectivity Solutions

St. Anthony’s hospital in St. Louis, Mo., has implemented medical device connectivity solutions from Capsule Tech to improve its electronic medical record (EMR) transition. By automating data flow into the St. Anthony EMR system, Capsule Tech solutions will improve patient care and documentation.

“Medical device integration is a rapidly growing, critical investment for hospitals as they strive to connect EMRs with a variety of medical devices from a single care unit to across the enterprise,” said Stuart Long, Capsule Tech’s chief marketing and sales officer. “We look forward to helping St. Anthony’s increase efficiency and will continue to support its efforts to provide high levels of care to its patients.”

Capsule Tech solutions will be deployed throughout several areas of St. Anthony’s hospital. For example, Capsule Tech’s Neuron, a touchscreen platform for bedside data entry, will be deployed in operating rooms on anesthesia machines as well as in C-section labor and delivery suites.

The hospital will also launch Capsule’s portable servers in the gastrointestinal (GI) lab to integrate patient monitors in six different GI procedure rooms.

At the core of Capsule Tech’s offerings is its flagship software, called DataCaptor. According to company spokespersons, DataCaptor allows hospitals to develop their own connectivity projects at their own scale and customized to their particular needs. For example, because Capsule Tech chose a vendor-neutral design for DataCaptor, the program can virtually connect any medical device with practically any EMR system.

Deployments can range from connecting multiple departments to implementing connectivity over several hundred hospitals in a single system. The connections can be built in acute care settings as well as in multi-patient, non-acute environments.

Other hospitals like St. Patrick’s in Missoula, Mont., have implemented solutions to capture EMR data. “Innovation can only happen once you have standardized,” argues St. Patrick CEO Jeff Fee. He argues that EMRs increase the pool of resources from which patients can draw, increasing their quality of care by allowing input from multiple doctors in different geographical locations.

Efficiency and high-quality care are crucial at St. Anthony’s hospital. The hospital, which is St. Louis’s third largest, serves approximately 225,000 patients per year.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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