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Avantas recently announced that it's consulting services and Smart Square proprietary labor management software has been selected by Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Using the company's te… [ Read More ]

Cantel Medical has expanded its water purification and filtration unit. To this end, the company has purchased the hemodialysis water business from Siemens' Water Technologies business unit. [ Read More ]

Cancer detection technology specialist, Verisante Technology has confirmed that the company has won new purchase orders for Verisante Aura from the company's exclusive distributors in Canada and Europ… [ Read More ]

St. Anthony's hospital in St. Louis, Mo., has implemented medical device connectivity solutions from Capsule Tech to improve its electronic medical record (EMR) transition. By automating data flow int… [ Read More ]

There is a new way to ensure the right patient is getting the right medications at the right doses, with the right route and right time. It's called Bedside Medication Verification (BMV). [ Read More ]

Louisiana's North Oaks Health System has been looking to upgrade its healthcare technology to allow for data to be accessed quickly and accurately. North Oaks announced it has decided to work with iSi… [ Read More ]

Power conversion specialists at Minmax recently expanded their offering with the introduction of MKW10M Series 10-watt medical grade DC/DC Converters. Approved to UL/CSA/EN/IEC60601-1 3rd Edition s… [ Read More ]

According to a new research analysis from Frost and Sullivan, "Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Devices - Demand to Manage Global R&D Efforts," continuous product updates and less invasive medical proc… [ Read More ]

Technology has advanced to become a platform that medical professionals can use in a hospital or on the go to monitor their patents. Lionsgate Technologies, Inc. a company at the forefront of medical … [ Read More ]

The medical equipment industry experienced remarkable growth during the past decade only slowed by pervasive industry changes. A return to widespread growth will be difficult as demands for innovation… [ Read More ]

First there was artificial skin, created in the lab, yet able to be incorporated into our own skin, which holds out hope for victims with severe burns. Now, there is the group of chemists and engineer… [ Read More ]

There's one group that will benefit from America's growing obesity crisis - medical device makers. As U.S. residents get fatter every year, there comes a significant opportunity for medical device com… [ Read More ]

We're getting very used to sharing our photos, our weekends, even as one friend does, our meals, on social media. But what if the X-ray of your rhinoplasty, er, nose job before the job - and your name… [ Read More ]

MMR Global, a provider of personal health records (PHRs) and healthcare electronic document management and imaging systems, today announced that it received another Notice of Allowance (NOA) to protec… [ Read More ]

On the last weekend in August, 5,000 people in my hometown came together to learn how to do CPR to break the Guinness World Record. They didn't succeed (they needed double that), but who isn't relieve… [ Read More ]

You've seen them - the shows where the doctor leans over the patient with a camera attached to his head. Now, Panasonic, a provider of medical vision and imaging solutions, has announced "the GP-KH232… [ Read More ]

Though it doesn't sound small to me, the large global market for cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices will see only minimal growth through 2016, to a value of over $9.6 billion, according to Millen… [ Read More ]

First it was hip implants. Then, heart stents, followed by brain stents. And now, two members of Congress are saying enough is enough, and that it's time for Congress to allow the FDA to reject an app… [ Read More ]

In what some doctors are calling a major breakthrough in imaging, GE Healthcare today announced it has already received six orders for its Discovery IGS 730, a new laser-guided system that has been de… [ Read More ]

You thought you've seen a wearable wireless device for every purpose out there - measuring your heartbeat after a run, how much and how well you sleep, even how high your grandma's glucose levels are … [ Read More ]

Automated Security Alert has launched a two-in-one medical alarm - the FallGuard Pro - which functions as a push button medical alarm with a built in-fall detector, automatically sending for help if t… [ Read More ]

Automated Security Alert has launched a two-in-one medical alarm called the FallGuard Pro, which functions as a push button medical alarm, with an inherent fall detector that will automatically send f… [ Read More ]

Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville has shed some light on their new medical equipment that is targeted primary at back and leg pain sufferers. The three new pieces of equipment has been designed … [ Read More ]

As someone who has had the terrifying experience of fighting for breath in the middle of an asthma attack, I'm always looking for new medicines and technologies to prevent the next one. [ Read More ]

When I visited a close relative in the hospital recently, I noticed a chart on the wall outside the nurses' station, saying they had reached almost 90 percent on some activity. Then I noticed the acti… [ Read More ]

The Supreme Court has weighed in and apparently upheld the most sweeping healthcare law in the history of the United States. [ Read More ]

They carry meds. Syringes. Blood pressure cuffs. And now PCs, including GammaTech's newest All-In-One A221, which allows healthcare professionals to carry it from location to location, looking up info… [ Read More ]

You heard it from the horse's mouth. A Vancouver, British Columbia medical record transcriber says patients have reason to worry about the privacy and accuracy of their medical information, according … [ Read More ]

A high-resolution wafer-scale digital image sensor that targets medical imaging applications like mammography and digital tomosynthesis, using advanced analog tools, has been developed by the Science … [ Read More ]

Studies show that mobile medical devices, such as the ability to recieve dialysis at home for kidney disease patients, could save as much as $197 billion over the next 25 years while improving patient… [ Read More ]

The FCC agreed today to allocate a wireless spectrum for medical sensors. It had been considering a proposal for a "medical body area network" (MBAN) since 2010. [ Read More ]

If you've ever had a CT scan or an MRI, you most likely didn't want to repeat it. But did you know that 20 percent of images must be performed again because they are lost, or misfiled, or can't be sha… [ Read More ]

Advance notice of product specification changes on all Arkema Inc. Pebax® SA 01 MED must now be made in a much smaller window - 12 months- to provide device manufacturers enough time for regulatory as… [ Read More ]

But it's also the name of the company that has been selected by UC Irvine Medical Center to connect all devices throughout the campus with its solutions for integrating medical devices and delivering … [ Read More ]

As a doctor not even 10 years ago, your only choice for ultra-sound was a large machine that was considered portable as it was "wheelable" everywhere. Today there's a new option and providers can u… [ Read More ]

Hip replacements that fail within months because of their defective metal-on-metal parts. Drug-coated heart stents that cause blood clots and other possibly deadly complications. Faulty defibrillator … [ Read More ]

Spectocor today announced its PocketECG, which pulls together traditional Holter, event and mobile telemetry monitoring, analyzing and then streaming cardiac rhythm data continuously to a monitoring c… [ Read More ]

Cambashi, a U.K. research and consulting firm for production industries, revealed today it's running a study on regulated medical device manufacturing, according to a company press release. The st… [ Read More ]

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) were supposed to markedly improve our lives by providing information to medical professionals wherever and whenever it was needed. A big part of that was images, like … [ Read More ]

CTG Health Solutions, a provider of healthcare information technology (IT) consulting and a business unit of CTG, as well as an IT solutions and services company, recently revealed three big projects … [ Read More ]

To us when we're in the hospital, it's a welcome sound, that buzz. It signals the nurse that we need her. But imagine you're surrounded every day, every hour by endless buzzing, beeping, and hissing. … [ Read More ]

If you're waiting for a heart, you might be pretty annoyed that former Vice President Dick Cheney, at age 71, just got one. [ Read More ]

Philips Respironics and ResMed have teamed up to introduce the new CPAP machine, a product for people who are unaware that their insomnia and sleepless nights may be a result of insufficient airflow. … [ Read More ]

A new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., which examines the market for ECG Telemetry devices, reveals a steady growth in the global market for ECG monitoring equipment and indicates that it wil… [ Read More ]

Stratos Product Development LLC has announced that the company is working with Proteus Biomedical to deliver an innovative personal medical monitor. [ Read More ]

WPG Americas, Inc., in collaboration with Identive Group Inc. will now offer near field communications or NFC solution for the transmission of medical x-rays. Several exam room monitors throughout a p… [ Read More ]

Panasonic Healthcare Group and CardioNexus Corp recently announced that they will supply Panasonic CardioHealth Stations to the Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in order to help them detect early heart … [ Read More ]

The "green" movement is everywhere. Green houses. Green cars. Now green medical devices? The real benefit is that these new devices could save lots of energy while still performing the same functions … [ Read More ]

The technology world is expressing grief over the sudden death of a senior executive at Olympus Corp.'s medical equipment unit in India. Several news organizations are reporting that the cause of deat… [ Read More ]

A new Patient Identification Wristband Solution from DYMO will make it possible for healthcare professionals to create on-demand wristbands and labels for patients by using the LabelWriter 450 Twin Tu… [ Read More ]

Peake Healthcare Innovations, the result of a joint venture between two companies, Harris Corporation and Johns Hopkins Medicine, recently announced a new approach to medical image management. Through… [ Read More ]

CardioComm Solutions Inc. recently announced that it has signed an agreement for integrating the new Aera CT MCT monitor from TZM into its GEMS software. The new GEMS MCT solution will be marketed and… [ Read More ]

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. and TZ Medical, Inc. announced today that they have agreed on a device integration and distribution plan for the mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) electrocardiographic (ECG) an… [ Read More ]

Telerad Tech, a company focused on radiology automation systems, announced that its teleradiology workflow solution called RADSpa has won three new customers from the US healthcare sector. The company… [ Read More ]

St. Cloud, Minnesota-based CentraCare Health System has selected the device connectivity technology from iSirona, the company has announced. [ Read More ]

TeleMedicine Australia has been accepted by AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc for its reseller program. This partnership establishes that TMA has joined the group of resellers which sell, service and integ… [ Read More ]

CardioNet, Inc., a premier wireless medical technology company with a current focus on the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias, has just unveiled its next generation Mobile Cardiac Outpati… [ Read More ]

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. recently launched the Aplio 300 ultrasound system. The Aplio 300 was shown at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago from Nov.… [ Read More ]

Medical technology company Itamar Medical Ltd. and healthcare products and services provider Henry Schein, Inc. inked a collaboration deal, which will benefit millions across the nation who suffer fro… [ Read More ]

In any clinical study, diagnosis of the disease is very important step and this can be carried out perfectly with the right digital imaging solution. Digital imaging offers superior image quality in m… [ Read More ]

Exciton Technologies announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Medical Mart to distribute the company's exsalt SD7 Wound Dressing throughout Canada. [ Read More ]

Transcept Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical company that aims to develop proprietary products addressing important therapeutic needs in the field of neuroscience, has a product called Intermezzo… [ Read More ]

To make clinical trials more advanced and result-oriented, Perceptive Informatics, an eClinical solutions provider and a subsidiary of PAREXEL International Corporation, has done a survey. According t… [ Read More ]

AT&T has announced a partnership with Calgary Scientific to offer ResolutionMD, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared mobile diagnostic viewer, as an addition to the AT&T Medical Imaging a… [ Read More ]

Enterprise imaging and interoperability solution provider Merge Healthcare announced that it will launch its new cloud-based platform in the first quarter of 2012, according to media reports. [ Read More ]

At the world's largest medical trade fair, Medica 2011, held in Dusseldorf last week, CardioComm Solutions, Inc., unveiled a new Remote Mobile Patient ECG Monitoring Solution called HeartCheck, which … [ Read More ]

HTX has said that it is providing $750,000 in financing to Tornado Medical Systems, an early-stage medical imaging and spectroscopy company, through the Technology Acceleration Program to support the … [ Read More ]

A story in Medical Device Daily recently profiled a Texas bariatric surgeon who uses a wound-closing device made by Covidien that secures the sutures at the site of weight-loss surgery to prevent infe… [ Read More ]

If there's one thing medical device manufacturers feel they don't need, it's more regulation. But healthcare providers and maybe even the FDA think what they might need is even more. [ Read More ]

SoftServe, a provider of software development, testing and consulting services, and Product Development Technologies (PDT), a full-service product development firm, announced their partnership to stre… [ Read More ]

Like any appliance, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner needs care and attention to keep it running strong. And in these days of rising healthcare costs, retooling costs a whole lot less than r… [ Read More ]

Technology is part of just about every healthcare product or process out there today: implantable devices, point-of-care bedside computers, automated call buttons, tablet PCs that can use and share me… [ Read More ]

As radiography - and patients' needs - get ever more sophisticated, GE Healthcare has announced new user-friendly, mobile X-ray systems to help X-Ray technicians provide fast, low-dose, high-quality i… [ Read More ]

The growth partnership research firm, Frost & Sullivan recently published a whitepaper, titled, "Mobile Devices and Healthcare: What's New, What Fits, and How Do You Decide?" The whitepaper examines t… [ Read More ]

The National Academy of Sciences said this week in an FDA-commissioned report that thousands of medical devices are allowed to go on the market without proper safety testing. [ Read More ]

The National Academy of Sciences said this week in an FDA-commissioned report that thousands of medical devices are allowed to go on the market without proper safety testing. [ Read More ]

The next time you visit the NYU Medical Center, don't be surprised when they tell you to stick out your hand. No, they're not about to rob you. They're using a new way to get access to patient informa… [ Read More ]

The rapidly changing medical sector has providers looking for different ways to streamline the delivery of care without escalating costs. Practice Fusion, which provides a free, web-based Electronic H… [ Read More ]

In an effort to improve diagnosis with the help of cutting edge digital imaging technologies, Grundy County's Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers installed the Ultimax X-ray system from Toshiba Ameri… [ Read More ]

The Targetech Innovation Center, supported by a strategic partnership with the City of Akron, Ohio, announced today it is developing a technology pipeline to help companies which produce biomedical de… [ Read More ]

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made an announcement recently regarding Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS) after which InTouch Health confirmed that it complies with regulations issued by the a… [ Read More ]

Stryker Corporation announced today a definitive agreement to acquire Orthovita, Inc. a global developer and manufacturer of orthobiologic and biosurgery products, through an all cash multi-million-do… [ Read More ]

Calypso Medical Technologies, Inc. will discuss recent clinical findings suggesting that its Calypso System can be used to more precisely deliver radiation in post-prostatectomy patients and minimize … [ Read More ]

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made an announcement recently regarding Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS) and InTouch Health confirmed that it complies with regulations governing the use of ha… [ Read More ]