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December 13, 2012

North Oaks Plans to Upgrade EMR System with iSirona Technology

Louisiana’s North Oaks Health System has been looking to upgrade its healthcare technology to allow for data to be accessed quickly and accurately. North Oaks announced it has decided to work with iSirona to create a new platform that can be integrated within its own electronic medical records system.

iSirona specializes in getting medical entities connected through one solution. “Our flexible software, developed in accordance with the FDA’s quality system regulation controls, quickly and accurately moves device data into your EMR (electronic medical records). Better yet, it does so by adapting to your hospital’s unique patient care devices and runs on the hardware and network infrastructure you already have,” said iSirona.

Many hospitals have begun to look into implementing an EMR system to allow for easy storage, retrieval and modification of records. Currently, many still use the traditional paper records, which need to be stored for up to seven years. It can take up a lot of space and lead to medical records not being accurate. With an electronic system, information can be updated 24/7. Some systems also allow patients to go in and edit their personal information and add-on any pertinent medical information. 

iSirona plans on helping North Oaks take the next step toward upgrading their system. The plan is simple, first iSirona will install DeviceConX software on the North Oak’s server. Then, depending on the equipment, iSirona will personalize the software making sure it can move data back and forth between the device pulling up the information and the patient’s record within the EMR. This will allow North Oaks to quickly pull up patient information from devices throughout the hospital.

“Addressing device connectivity as part of an EMR implementation allows clients to truly leverage the EMR by populating it with robust patient data,” said iSirona president, Peter Witonsky. “Electronic patent records that contain accurate, nearly real-time patient data will assist North Oak’s clinicians in making care decisions and, at the same time, get them back to providing more direct patient care.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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