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March 15, 2012

Stratos Teams Up With Proteus to Deliver Wireless Medical Monitor

Stratos Product Development LLC has announced that the company is working with Proteus Biomedical to deliver an innovative personal medical monitor.

“At Proteus, we've used Stratos to augment our development team as our products have matured and our company has grown,” said Timothy L. Robertson, vice president of Product Systems at Proteus. “For our next-generation personal monitor, we gave Stratos the critical role of designing, developing and testing the firmware. The engineers they put on the project were top-notch, and they delivered an excellent package, consistent with their budget and schedule estimates and compliant with the medical device regulations.”

The venture aims to enable doctors to provide personalized therapy to patients using mobile monitoring systems. The setup includes an electronic patch worn on the patient’s body, combined with medications that transmit information to the sensor, which includes the patient’s heart rate and other important health indicators. This information can then be sent to doctors. The solution will allow patients to maintain their independence in their own homes, which will become more important as more Baby Boomers reach retirement age.

“We're seeing an enormous surge in demand for health services across the globe,” Proteus CEO told the San Jose Mercury News. He said that health care in the 21st century need to “digitize.”

Stratos developed the firmware for the line, which will include multiple generations of the product. The company said in a press release that their work enabled Proteus to meet aggressive deadlines for their product, which is scheduled to go on sale in the United Kingdom soon, with plans for the Redwood City, Calif.-company to launch in their native country as well.

Proteus Biomedical is not the only company Stratos is lending their expertise to. They are also working with Mimic Technologies to build the dV-Trainer, a device that allows researchers a safe, realistic way to test and develop surgical robots before unleashing them on human patients.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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