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March 14, 2012

Identive and WPG Americas Offer NFC Pairing Solution

WPG Americas, Inc., in collaboration with Identive Group Inc. will now offer near field communications or NFC solution for the transmission of medical x-rays. Several exam room monitors throughout a provider’s office will now be able to access data from sophisticated medical imaging devices with the help of the NFC solution, thereby eliminating the need for cables, wires or supplementary network expenses.

In a release, Dave Bowers, VP of Supplier Marketing at WPG Americas said, “By making it easier to transfer x-ray images from digital sensors to computer viewing monitors in multiple exam rooms, we can help doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers extend the value of this expensive equipment while ensuring the images are associated with the correct patient. With their growing portfolio of NFC readers and tags, Identive is becoming known as the go-to company for NFC solutions. We are excited to continue our successful collaboration as we work together to extend this NFC pairing solution to other applications.”

Digital radiography cameras are preferred by a majority of medical offices as they not only offer excellent image quality and easy record keeping, but also expose patients to minimal radiation. Identive’s NFC tags and readers have been integrated with WPG Americas’ software for linking digital x-ray camera’s images with patient records in this ground-breaking solution.

Computers in each exam room will be connected to Identive's SCL3711 NFC readers, which can be used to read an NFC tag attached to a digital radiography camera. The camera transmits x-ray images and links them with the appropriate patient record using the coupled software.

Dr. Manfred Mueller, EVP and MD, ID Infrastructure Division at Identive said, “NFC technology makes it possible to move much of what we do in the physical world to the virtual world, in a way that is easier and more convenient. In the healthcare market there are dozens of areas that will benefit from the use of NFC, from making treatment information available to managing patient records. Partnering with WPG Americas on this NFC transfer solution allowed us to benefit from their extensive understanding of the medical office environment and their strong engineering expertise.”

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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