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July 25, 2014

ZirMed Launches Five New Partnerships to Drive Healthcare Business

Sometimes it's hard to think of healthcare as a business. We like to think of it as an altruistic pursuit, with brave men and women practicing healing craft as a way to help improve everyone's lives, but at the end of the day, the bills still need to be paid, and some of these bills can be downright massive. But for businesses that seek to improve operations and reduce expenses, there are plenty of options, and the healthcare business is no different. In illustration of that point, the business performance management technology company ZirMed recently announced a slate of five new partnerships that would help drive business and bring a new power to the field.

In recent days, according to reports, ZirMed has found increasing momentum from a variety of different healthcare groups, thanks to ZirMed's extensive experience at the enterprise level of operations. So in a bid to augment its presence among both traditional and non-traditional partners, who are expressing the interest, ZirMed's turning to new partners to help drive its product line and make it more useful for these interested groups.

Among the partners in question are AmeriCare, whose line of home health consulting systems will prove useful for clients in markets like home health and hospice, both very big fields given the aging baby boomer population. There's HAS-Software, who focuses on homecare accounting solutions, and currently has access to over 300 clients in the homecare market, making it a great field for augmenting ZirMed's line of products as well. There's JASE Health, who offers technology consulting services and will bring in both support for Cerner clients and enterprise referrals. Then medQ steps in to offer workflow solutions in the radiology electronic health record (EHR) field, using ZirMed's Patient Estimation tool in its own products to help drive better cash flow by helping to figure a patient's upfront payments. Finally, there's Scorpion Healthcare, a healthcare-focused website developer and marketing company that now offers patient portal presence and, again, patient estimation systems.

Since ZirMed's partner programs account for around 150 separate companies working with ZirMed, it's clear that the company has plenty of information on hand on things like healthcare payment operations, clinical connectivity, online payment systems and much more. Taking its own product line and incorporating it with that of other companies is a great way to not only get valuable information and perspective into other firms' hands that likely need it—the healthcare industry is doing comparatively well these days, but it's still subject to many of the same perils of just about any other business these days—but also making itself seem substantially more valuable by offering a way to provide those extra bits and pieces, or bringing other bits and pieces necessary for long-term survival from other operations  to others. A partnership program this extensive has to be producing quite a bit of value, otherwise it likely wouldn't be worth the maintenance required to keep it up and running.

Sometimes we forget that healthcare depends on profits to survive like any other business, and making a healthcare business more profitable ensures that it will be around to continue providing those vital services that its users depend on, in many cases, to live. ZirMed's partnership arrangements, meanwhile, will likely keep bringing in those valuable points that help a business yield profitability, and in turn, provide more and better services to the user base.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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