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December 08, 2012

HealthTechZone Week in Review

We've seen another big week come and go in healthcare technology, and with a big week down there's a lot of news to go over. Our Week in Review will run down some of the biggest stories in a week packed with them.

So settle in and get ready, because we're going to check out the biggest and best in healthcare technology this week!

First, we took a look at My Dietitian, a company that looks to help users with their dietary choices by putting what they call a dietitian "in your pocket." It's a service plan that provides access to a dietitian on a round the clock basis. With holiday parties afoot, it makes making the right dietary choices a little extra difficult.

With My Dietitian, not only are better choices easily had; they can also easily be had for other people. My Dietitian has lowered its prices to make it a holiday friend for just about anyone.

Next came a look at the Fitness Helper app for iOS users. One of the more difficult parts of exercise is keeping track of the specifics behind it, like time and distance. With a variety of iOS-based fitness applications already available, Fitness Helper would have to distinguish itself, which it looks to do via support for several different potential types of workout at once.

It can also work with extended-length programs – eight or 10 weeks – and even check calorie counts.

Trends in healthcare technology for the upcoming year then got a closer examination, with mobile technology set to make substantial gains, and already in the process of doing so. But of closer interest, according to AT&T, will be the rise of sponsored mobile health solutions, the continuing move of healthcare data to the cloud, an increase in remote patient monitoring, the integration of those sponsored mobile health applications with other devices, and a further gain in telehealth systems.

For kids of all ages, there's nothing like an appearance by Santa Claus during the Christmas season to make the holiday complete, but for kids in the hospital, the chances of missing out are too high for most kids to stomach. But with Cisco Systems' new Santa Connection, 30 different hospitals all over the United States will be able to connect children to Santa directly.

Brightening up the holidays for sick kids will help both kids and their families along a likely faster path to healing.

Lastly, we got a look at the Virginian, a place for Fairfax seniors to not only relax and spend their golden years, but also get in touch with loved ones via the greatest and latest in technology. The Virginian offers not only a series of wellness products from Healthsense, but a variety of information and communication technologies – voice, data and FiOS television – from Verizon. This not only allows seniors an array of extra services, but it also makes for a very clear message about the growing technological prowess of seniors.

That was the week that was in healthcare technology, and from Santa Claus' telepresence to advanced communications in senior care facilities, there was plenty going on in the sector this week. But our global online community is constantly in the hunt for more news, and that means there will be plenty more to be had next week.

Be sure to join us back here next week for all the news we can find, and of course, our Week in Review coverage every weekend!

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